Nike Free Trainer 7.0 Sizing

Want to get a pair of the Nike Free Trainer 7.0 and had a question about sizing. Do most of you guys who wear this shoe buy your regular Nike size?

I always wear a 9.5 in Nike. Went to the mall to a few stores that carry this shoe to try it on to confirm my size before I buy one through NikeID ($100). None of the stores had the shoe within +/- 1.5 sizes.

Yep I asked the exact same question some time ago. I also wear 9.5 in Nike.

The answer is stick with the same size. I am happy I did, they fit perfectly. No socks of course.

Same size.

My roommate’s got a pair of Free 7s in size 15 and I wear a 14 in my regular Nikes and they feel just about a size too big. Still wearable though. Stick with your normal Nike size.

im a 12, and i wear 11.5 nike free 5.0’s… feel perfect… nike’s always run half size smaller for me it seems.

I’d go normal size too - round down if neccesary.

I wear a 11 any other sneaker but Free’s I always need to go a size up.

I have 3 pairs of Frees, one pair of 5.0 Trainers, one pair of 7.0 trainers, one pair of 7.0 running.

I generally wear size 10 - 10.5 in cross trainers. Bought my Nike Frees 3.0 at size 10. Worn with out socks they are perfect for weight lifting. I still prefer corsstrainers or Mizunos for my road work.

$100 sounds a bit steep. I picked mine up online for $65, free shipping because I bought some other stuff too.

I bought them through NikeID- meaning you get to customize the colors. The regular ones (Nike produced) come in hideous colors. I went all white with mine. Can’t wait to get them.

I remember Shugs saying you could pick a pair of Frees up for like $20 before Nike re-vamped the marketing. That pisses me off. Mine always fall apart too.

Whatever size you buy your Chuck Taylors in.
Nike Free 7s are uncomfortable at first but they’re the best shoes ever.