Nike Barefoot Shoes

nike claims that training barefoot will strengthen the muscles and tendons in your feet, which makes sense. but the nike “barefoot” shoes are for running; i was wondering if they’d still have the same effect with weightlifting? now i know you’re supposed to wear shoes that support your ankles, but i’ve never worn hightops, and i’ve never had ankle problems. so again, i’m wonderin if there would be a benifit to training in a pair of “barefoot shoes” or should i just stick with my ol’ t-macs?

I know that many may disagree, but I lift MUCH better barefoot. Having said that, it’s not always cool to go around barefoot at your gym, so go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a $5 pair of those rubber “river” shoes. They are cheap, and if you only wear them while doing core lifts like DL and Squats, they’ll last a good while. Hell, buy 2 or 3 pair since they’re that cheap.

If you’re referring to the Nike Free shoe, to me it looks like it has too much padding in the sole for it to be compared to barefoot training.

Also in reference to your comment about shoes supporting your ankles, I feel that joint mobility and proprioception should be preferential to using devices which ‘support’ our joints.

I have the shoes and think they are pretty damn cool. anyway, I agree, there is too much padding and the shoe is a little too unstable to use as a serious lifting shoe.

Hey fellas,

I remembered this post and figured id put in my two-sense.

I bought Nike Free’s probably a few weeks ago. It was a little odd at first. But now, I almost can not take them off.


If you wear the Nike Free’s then wear your regular shoes - the regular shoes feel like you’re taking casts off your feet after using them.

Sure the soles are “a little thick” - but, hell, rather have a rusty thumb tac send you to the hospital? hahaha

Anyway, pick some up if you have the means. I love em. They also dont seem to get in the way of my working out either.