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Nice new design, guys. A little confusing, but nice.

Yeah Looks good guys,takes alittle getting used to but overall i like it!

Is T-mag slow for anyone else or is it just on my computer? Just curious. Great new look guys, this is gonna be sweet.

Thanks! Over the next day or two a lot of these bugs will be ironed out.

Nice avatar, BTW!

Awesome site…For some reason my connection was slow too. I guess everybody is trying to get in.

Nice site guys.

It’s busy lots of new things, plenty of things to keep me entertained.

Must agree that the look is much better. Looks like there are a lot more options too. One negative comment is that it takes forever to load.

(Moderator note: The speed should get better as all the initial bugs get worked out)

yeah it was slow this evening but it might have had a lot to do with everybody rushing on at the same time. because now the load time is the same as before.

the layout is a little confusing though. it took me forever to get the forums to come up. but i cant wait to see what this starts to be like in a few weeks.

Looks great! Can’t wait to see how it grows!

Haha LFMatt I was going to say the same thing…Pabst Blue Ribbon what a classic,though I don’t drink it or beer for that matter I do own a Pabst work shirt!

Is the dog pound coming back? I noticed it was listed in the new FAQ. That would be sweet (assuming I’d still be a member ;).

I agree, this new layout freakin RULES!!!

Again, the only problem I notice is with the speed of loading, but its good to know that will be fixed and that its not just my computer.

I think the site is easy to navigate and is easy on the eyes.

Sensory overload for sure! I love it.

Keep up the awesome work dudes.

keep kickin’ ass guys. mine is a little slow too but i will wait as long as i have to for this site!!! can’t wait to try the new supps. overall, i am very impressed. You guys live to get RADICAL!!!

I have to agree. This new site layout is great! I like that the store is now up front on the home page. The prices on this stuff can’t be beat. I hope the 4 AD-EC sticks around long enough for me to get my hands on some.

I’ll agree the new layout is a little confusing at first, especially since I was used to the old one. But I definately like the new setup a lot better.

this website is pretty frikin bad*ss!


It was confusing at first. Now i’ve got it all figured out and the site is beginning to work faster and faster so now it’s pretty cool. Surprised to see 4 AD-EC up there for sale, to tell you the truth. Keep up the good work!

Honestly I was expecting something different, what with the cool graphics at the end of the old site.

Nice job just the same. The new options and expanded forum are good as well as the T-jack section.

I think navigating the site will improve once things speed up, overall, Its still the best bodybuilding site on the web.

Long live the T-Nation!

I like avatars people are using.

I’m excited about the new site. I ordered Red Bands and Alpha Male last night. Can’t wait to try it.

I’ve only browsed the new site a little bit, but so far, so good.

I think it is going to be a very positive change in the long run.

i think it kicks ass.! great job as usual!