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lol, that was great.

wtf was that???

That was retarded.

Don’t see why you had to call it that… But funny.

Why are you posting child porn on this site?


WTF did that ottoman ever do to anyone?

Holy hell. Huh? That was surreal.

What the fuck?

That was beyond the spectrum of visible gay, I’d venture to say that even if it was done as a joke it’s still gamma gaydiation.

HOW did YOU get that CLIP of me?

No comment

“Pipelayer”. LOL

That reminded me of a confused dog humping a stuffed animal.

nasty furniture abuse. the ottoman looks like it’s given up its will to live.

Training day!


[quote]swissrugby67 wrote:
HOW did YOU get that CLIP of me? [/quote]

o look its boxy but you might know her as boxy




This is why when people ask what race I am, I say I’m Samoan.