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Nighttime Protein and ZMA

When reading about ZMA it says to not consume with calcium, but the casein I use has a good bit of calcium in it. I was thinking about drinking my shake about an hour before bed and then taking the ZMA right before hand. Can anybody help me out on this?

That amount of time between the two should work just fine.


Opinions vary on this. Some say to take the ZMA 30-45 minutes before your pre-bed shake, others recommend that taking them together does not have significant absoption blocking effects in healthy people. Either way the magnesium in it will be absorbed and this is what will assist your sleep.

As for the zinc, you will have to try both ways and see if you can feel a difference. In my experience, people who cannot tell that they slept better usually have met their nutrient requirements through diet or they have issues that are much more severe than what ZMA can help.

I’ve heard it both ways. I did both and didn’t really notice a difference.

depending on goals

mass gain- I take ZMA 30-45 mins prior to my bedtime shake

fat loss- I might switch the order depending on how hungry I feel

thanks for all the help everyone