Nighttime Fat Loss Support with Hot-Rox?

Is there a recommended night time protocol to supplement the stimulant based effects of Hot-Rox? I was thinking maybe Flameout, but I am not sure.

Hmm. Interesting question. Are you thinking in terms of a calming effect or something to help lower cortisol? Flameout in the evening sounds like a good call.

Something to keep the cortisol down. My issue with flameout is that I am already on Vascepa (which is Pharma grade fish oil) so adding that in might not make much difference.

Hmm. Yeah, I hear you. Wish I had some insight either way on using Flameout with Vascepa.

Maybe @TC_Luoma has some thoughts?

I urge caution on combining the two. There’s some real evidence that once you start to take omega-3’s in humungous amounts, incidents of atrial fib go up.

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I don’t take more than my prescribed amount Vascepa. I will stick with that.

Maybe a standalone CLA supplement? I have had good results with that in the past (prior to being prescribed Vascepa)