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Nighttime Cravings Trick


I just flossed and brushed my teeth and then gargled listerine and now I am not interested in those chewy sprees that my sister just brought over. I was surprised at how it immediately got rid of my craving. Please try if you are having night time cravings (uhh, everybody?) and let me know if this helps.


I started walking my dog wearing a weight vest for thirty minutes. It's just enough exercise to make me think about my fitness goals over my cravings. Plus its good for the dog.


T-dudes make me laugh! Going for a walk with a weight vest when all you need to do is brush your teeth...I love it!


With the way my cravings are sometimes I'd be more likely to wok the dog with some broccoli, mushrooms, and soy.


Who is wearing the vest? You ... or the dog?


Soy. I eat edamame every night before bed and I think it is delicious but I am not sure if the nutritional value is there. Is soy a complete protein?


A dash of soy sauce to flavor the dog isn't gonna turn you into less of a he-man. Real men cannot only flavor their food with natural peanut butter and fish oil caps.:slight_smile: