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Nightly Protein Shake +Carbs or Fat?


I keep a protein shake(2 scoops) near my bed at night when i go to sleep in case i wake up. Currently i put a shot of olive oil(14g fat/2g sat/10gmonofat/2gpoly). Should i use this at night or should i make the shake with carbs instead(20-30g carbs)


Also, sometimes if i don't have cottage cheese nearby i take the protein shake with olive oil mixture. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?


Have the cottage cheese (or Yoghurt) with some fats before bed, you ideally want to add some carbs to the meal and fibre. The Casein rich proteins are slower digestion and delay in gastric emptying along with the fat and fibre.

Fibre wise, baked beans are good, but not many people like them or want to eat them anyway. Some apples and or oatmeal is a good idea. If you wake in the night say 4-5 hrs later and have a meal, this can be just protein and carbs. If you are going to wake 3-4 hrs later you will be eating breakfast anyway. You could add fat to your night meal, its up to you.

Might be easier to take some fish oil caps at night with your protein. carb drink. Definitely add the carbs though when bulking.


So should i add oil to my protein shake?

Last night i had a glass of apple juice and a protein shake(2 scoops) with oil in it.

What should i change?


What are your goals?

This will determine to a great extent what you should eat and especially at night.

If you are looking to gain, carbs are always a good thing. Seeing as you take this step of eating at night I'll assume that is the case. Afew blueberries or strawberries or a banana along with the fat will do you good.

It's really not that big of deal.


If you want to gain mass then eat plenty of carbs.You need more water in those msucles to make them grow.Carbs can do that.If you're looking to lose weight you should cut out all simple carbs late at night.I sometimes have an apple with my casein/whey shake before bed,that wont hurt you.