nightly carb cravings

I work out frequently and eat really well most of the time. Protein, good carbs, veggies, etc. For the past month or so, every nite I wake up in the middle of the nite(sometimes twice) to hit the kitchen for a snack. This usually turns into a total pig out of high carb items like cereal, or jelly on saltines, and alot of it. I will eat until I am nearly sick. I wake the next morning sluggish and feeling guilty about what I’ve done. Is it something I’m doing wrong during the day? Is it controllable? Why does this happen and how can I prevent it- I know it’s screwing up all of the good things that Im doing for my health and physique. Any replies would be really appreciated!

HAhahaha…sorry I couldn’t help it bro. If you know its bad, DON’T DO IT. If you can’t help yourself, then I donno what to say I guess you’re really weak of mind. Jelly on saltines doesn’t even so und that good, and in the middle of the night?? You MIGHT feel sluggish the next morning because you didn’t get enough sleep from staying up eating your “little” snack. A suggestion I could give you is to just have 1 day of the week where you allow yourself to eat that stuff, which should in turn, hypothetically speaking of course, motivate you to eat proper all of the rest of the days. Donno if I helped you any, but good luck.

I would have the same problem unless I layout what I am going to eat in advance. Have a mrp or protein drink premade and maybe a cup of cearal set out. I find it much easier to control my portions this way.

Wow! I never heard of guys having this kind of problems. Mostly it’s the girls who have carb craving once a month if you know what I mean.

Try drinking some protein shake with oatmeal at mid night when you get up to snack. Maybe that’ll help. Also get rid of all the carb junk in your kitchen so you can’t eat them! If they’re not there, you won’t eat them, right? Or do you want them badly enough to get dressed, drive to the grocery store, walk through the isles, pay for them, drive back home, and gorge on them?


sometimes a large dose of glutamine (10 gr or so) can sure a huge carb craving

What are you eating before you go to bed or late in the evening ? If you are eating a lot of carbs (especially high glycemic ones) before bed then you are spiking your blood sugar as you go to sleep (a bad idea anytime except after workouts) with a resulting crash in blood sugar and thus hunger in the middle of the night. Try eating a protein + fat meal before bed.