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Nightime Eating!


I have a problem. I eat well during the day but come night, after 9 and even waking up at 2am I pig out. Does anyone do thhis, why do I do this and what can I do? I am killing my physique!


No one here does this. You lack willpower. Thats why you do it. Time to man up. Have some slow digesting protein before bed and you shouldn't be hungry. How do you even get hungry when you are sleeping anyway? You've been on this site for almost a decade and bodybuilding atleast that long and can't get this figured out?


What does "I eat well" mean?

If you are starving yourself throughout the day by not eating enough, don't be surprised when you still have issues like this as time passes.

Someone actually "eating well" won't be that damned hungry at only 9pm.


I dont know.

Ask Oprah.


Google "leangains" or find the threads about it on this site.

Where in SC are you?


Lots of good recomendations. I LOL'd because I know exactly what you're talking about.

Drop your carbs and up your lean protein. Maybe try carb cycling. When I was 270 (vs 230ish at the moment) and way fatter I would wake up in the morning and in the middle of the night after a workout and my body wanted food so bad I felt like I was gonna throw up.

In January went on a lower carb diet with fasted non-panting morning cardio and I no longer have any points during the day where I feel very hungry. Prolly from keepin' insulin in checkity check.


I eat salads, maybe a protein shake, nothing that fills me up too much. I was doing fasted cardi at 5 am, I need to start again. I am in Rock Hill. I will try what you mentioned deat. Thanks.


I can offer three different suggestions:

1) eat more at your last meal so you feel fine until morning.
2) eat more earlier in the day so you're not starving at the end of the day.
3) stop being such a damn woman.

I think you've got to really evaluate what you're eating during the day, how many calories it is, and how that compares to what your caloric needs are for the day. After you evaluate what you're doing now, you can make a change.


Genius, looking for stategies other than try harder. You remind me of The Simpsons episode where he is put in charge of a new power plant. He doesn't know what to say so he just say "work faster." Thanks though.


I have to agree with some of the "deal with it advice" as given above. With regard to strategies, one thing I can think of is to "back load" your calories/meals to be shifted toward the later parts of the day. You could also have a shake mixed with some oil ready for you in the fridge if you wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Of course if you're tracking your calories and macros, make sure this is accounted for.

Still though, as unhelpful as it may sound, I still have to say just man up and enforce your willpower a bit more. If your physique is a priority to you, then you must treat it as such and be willing to make some sacrifices. If that sounds unreasonable to you without finding a way to make things easier, then this could be a bit tough for you...


Also good advice.


i have the same problem.

i put up a sign on the refridgerator door:

no processed carbs after 930

it has increased my willpower dramatically. i see it every time i walk by the fridge.


I used to have the same problem. I still do eat things every once in a while in the middle of the night but don't pig out like I used to.

Make a protein shake (I used a cup of pumpkin - very low cals and lots of fiber - and a scoop and a half of MD drive) and put it in my fridge. When you wake up, start drinking it. It's usually so filling that once your done, if you finish, you'll be stuffed.


Oh, well. I have no idea why you would be hungry after a whole day of salads and "maybe" a protein shake.

Nope, that couldn't be the problem at all.


PX gets a some shit for it....but "eat a burger" really is the answer to many of these questions.


Thanks for the advice, I don't always eat salads but when I do it has a can of tuna and an egg. Working on upping my protein but I did well last night although I actually dreamed of nuts and went out and had some nuts. Weird. I did an hour of cardio at 5 am so I am a bit sleepy.


Gee, a WHOLE egg and some tuna?

You He-man, you.

You eat like a third grade girl. That is likely why you are still so freaking hungry all night long.

Eat like a man looking to build some muscle mass and I doubt you would experience the same.

If you are dieting, by guess is you are a newb...or else you wouldn't be eating so little unless you just hated having muscles on you.


Comparing advice to not eat in the middle of the night to running a nuclear power plant, who's the genius? I'm not trying to be a dick about it, just a little tough love. But seriously, how hard is it to just put the fork down and not eat? If you really want behaviour change, you have to make it a priority. Also, PX has provided good advice regarding nutrition during the day. What are your goals? What is a typical day of eating include for you? Answers to these questions might help us direct you.


Waking up in the middle of the night hungry is, you know, bad. It's happened to me literally once. Maybe check into possibly other things that are causing you to sleep poorly. And, to reiterate... ignoring binges, are you eating most of your food at the end of the day, or at other times? Try the opposite approach.


yay for Prof X laying the SMACKDOWN