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Nightcrew 2007 Log

wish I had a better place to take pictures; they get a little washed out and yellow looking…

Hey Nightcrew,

I like the log so far, what about posting the weights you use so we can see progression.

I saw your diet from last year in one of your old posts, quite frankly i thought it was terrible. If your goal is to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time a high quality diet is a must. You probably spend 20% of your time per week training, resting, recovery methods and The other 80 percent is diet, sleeping, supplementation, working, family life. etc.

I suggest you go see a bodybuilding coach or contest nutritionist who can design a diet for your goals, or even used Berardi’s articles for ideas.

Looking a your pics, diet is the limiting factor of you achieving a great physique.

I’m big believer as well that supplements only work to some degree if your diet is 100% and so is your training. The more food you eat the faster your metabolism becomes. Muscles need quality fuel.

Good luck with the journey its long and you only get back what you put in.

Hey thanks for the encouragement!!!

Yeah that diet was pre-holiday only; was just trying to lean out the bodyfat and increase protein intake.

Right now I’m eating whatever I want as long as it isn’t mostly sugar or processed carbs. I’m having a little bread and pasta here and there; but for the most part it’s vegetables and protein and 3 whey shakes a day. Trying to spread out to 5 or 6 eating times a day.

Yeah I haven’t really been posting my weights, because they are pathetic. So I’m just making sure to add reps and 1 pound per exercise every week. (I’ve got a set of Eleiko fractional .25kg, and put one more on the bar every time.)
I’m doing it that way; so I don’t get overwhelmed and quit.
If I have to do this one shovel full at a time, I’m willing to be patient.

  1. I want to be healthy.
  2. I want to be strong(but I’m not trying to be a powerlifter)
  3. I want to look good (but I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder)
    For me 2. and 3. are just byproducts of 1.

Sunday, Feb 18 workout…

A1. Narrow Grip Military 1 x 9, 7 x 3
B1. Front Squats 5 x 6
C1. Deadlifts 5 x 6
C2. Reverse Crunch 5 x 12
D1. Wrist Roller 1 x 1
D2. Torso Twists 1 x 20


A1. Chin Ups 6 x 3
A2. Dips 6 x 3
B1. Reverse Hypers 5 x 11
B2. Sprinters 5 x 11
B3. Pegasus 5 x 5
C1. Reverse Curls 1 x 7


A1 - Wide-Grip(Fat Bar) Military Press
98.3 x 7
103.3 x 3
108.3 x 3
113.3 x 3
118.3 x 3
123.3 x 3
128.3 x 3
133.3 x 3

B1 - Front Squats
140 x 5 x 7

C1 - Fat Bar Deadlifts
115 x 5 x 7
C2 - Leg Raises
5 x 14

D1 - Wrist Roller
1 x 1
D2 - Torso Twists
22 x 1 x 12

There you go Alphaboy…some pathetic weights you can look over

Edit: forgot the last set of Presses


Got my free sample of Spike today…don’t remember where I saw the offer but I signed up for it at least 3 months ago???

A1 - Weighted Chin Ups 1 x 5, 4 x 3
A2 - Weighted Dips 1 x 5, 4 x 3

B1 - Reverse Hypers 5 x 13
B2 - Sprinters 5 x 13

C1 - Pegasus 5 x 5
C2 - Reverse Curls 1 x 9

Workout did seem easy(because of the Spike), but that could be just because it’s an easy workout…

Monday Workout

A1 - Narrow Grip Military Press
99.4 x 6
104.4 x 3
109.4 x 3
114.4 x 3
119.4 x 3
124.4 x 3
129.4 x 3
134.4 x 3

B1 - Front Squats 120 x 5 x 8

C1 - Deadlifts
1 x 45
1 x 135
1 x 205
1 x 255
1 x 275
1 x 285
1 x 295
1 x 300

C2 - Leg Raises 5 x 15

C3 - Wrist Roller 1 x 1

C4 - Torso Twists 1 x 16