Night-Time Workouts and Carbs?

I was taking a look at the Massive Eating reloaded and noticed that it gave a meal plan for one working near the night. I have cross Country everyday from 3:30-5, and then I lift 5-6. I consume equal amounts of carbs in almost all meals, except PWO of course, and protein throughout the day with a little fat in each meal for my bulk.

After looking at this I was thinking of writing up a diet plan and what not, I came up with this, is this any good?

Meal 1 @ 7:30am
Scrambled Eggs
Bacon or Sausage Links

Meal 2 @ 10:00
Egg whites and 1 Yolk

Meal 3 @ 1:00
8oz Turkey breast
2oz American Cheese

Meal 4 @ 3:00
Peanut butter

Meal 5 @ 5:00 (during lifting)
20oz Gatorade scoop of Whey

Meal 6 @ 6:00 (PWO)
20oz Gatorade scoop of Whey

Meal 7 @ 7:00
2 Cups Regular Pasta (all caf offers)
4oz Turkey Breast
8oz Skim Milk

Meal 8 @ 9:00pm
4oz Turkey Breast
Slice of Whole Wheat

Bed @ 10:30

Now I have basically no carbs from when I wake up till after running. But then I carb-load like hell from 5-10 basically, but this is right before bed. Will this lead to a greater fat gain during my bulk than if I just balance all of my meals out during the day, or will this lead to less fat gain?

it doesn’t look to me like your getting enough carbs period, and your right I think that loading up on them all in one meal, i.e. meal 7, is going to lead to fat gain. my suggestions: dont be afraid to eat carbs for breakfast; get some protein in meal 4, get more carbs in post workout drink; don’t eat so much white pasta in meal 7 (im assuming it’s 2 cups dry); and opt for protein and fat before bed rather than protein and carbs.

Alright. It is 2 cups cooked and I could always just make it a cup but yeah. I will stick to just C+P in morning, balanced meals, PWO and then P+F before bed. Just to keep it simple

Thanks man