Night Time Protiens

Alright, I work at a GNC and we just got some of this night time protien from the same great folks that brought us worthless cutting gels. I haven’t been on here for a while cause of some computer problems but and was wonderingif this tuff had been discussed as of yet. The shit runs 117 dollas, so would someone bad mouth this stuff a little?

As a fellow GNC employee I will gladly bad-mouth it. IMHO, it’s basically a super-expensive form of cottage cheese. I made that exact comment to a supervisor and I got reprimanded for being cynical. For the same price, you could get a good stack of whey, glutamine, creatine, a multivitamin and a thermogenic and not only have money left over, but it would last you a lot longer. If I read the label correctly, it’s only a 15 day supply…WHAAAAAAAAT??? I refuse to recommend it to my customers…I’ll have them spend their money on more proven stuff like the above mentioned.

Are you talking about NitroVarin? If so, I looked over the ingredients the other day. First, yes, this is made by the same fine folks who brought you Cutting Gel and who patented the name ECA Stack.

Now, the perfect night time protein is casein. NitroVarin’s main protein appeared to be fast digesting whey. It has a little fat, some soybean oil and some fiber. They also added ZMA and then suggested you take it with milk. (That’s not good advice of course, at least according to the people who invented ZMA.)

So, for 4-5 bucks a serving you’re getting something not quite as good as a cup of low fat cottage cheese. A scoop of any low carb protein powder with some flax would be about the same too, only lower in carbs and sugar.

Just thought I’d mention I work at GNC too. Just a part-time gig until I graduate from college. I have to say that GNC sucks for the most part. My RSD told me that we thoroughly test every 3rd party product we carry yet we carry shit products, like the aforementioned ones in this thread. If we ever get Biotest or some reputable companies, then I will be happy, very happy.

yeah i saw an add of the stuff and looked on the web. when i finally saw the ingredience i laughed. and then when you see the price of this garbage i laughed harder at the poor people who would buy it. I buy my casein for about $5.50 a pound and my flaxseed oil for $6.66 per 16oz. laters pk

Where do you get your flax? Is it Barlean’s?

Hey Scott…I know where you’re coming from. I honestly don’t know why GNC doesn’t pick up more than MD6 and Tribex. If people were to try the Low-carb Grow, they would be instantly hooked despite the cost. I doubt they will ever approve MAG-10 but who knows. I think Power Drive would go over well due to the number of people who don’t seem to tolerate ECA too well, and Surge is the best post-w formula ever, bar none. Out of curiosity which GNC’s do you guys work at? Any chance you’re from Nebraska?

Sorry Pkradgreek, but where do you get your casein? Web site??

Where do you get your flax oil for that price. I have been getting mine at GNC which isnt refrigerated(I hear it should be) and the price is kinda high I think. I looked at every major grocery store and a few of the supplement stores. Do I need to go to a natural foods store to get this.

I agree with you guys re: gnc - however, pkradgreek - where do you get your flax and casein so CHEAP? - I live in southeast SD and I pay about 2x for my flax - thanks in advance man!

I know some of these expensive night time proteins have some sleeping aids, so they jack up the prices. I’m sure you can get the same benefit from eating a cup of cottage cheese and a Kava supplement before bedtime.

On Udo’s website he suggests buying Udo’s Choice oil by the case and freezing it to save money. I don’t have a cheap source for cases of Udo’s, but I’m sure a web search would turn one up.

I go to school in tempe at Arizona State, but I work at a Scottsdale location. I completely agree with you. The first problem is that only the top stores carry MD6 and Tribex. The second is that GNC doesn’t carry any other Biotest products. I get so many customers that buy worthless stuff. If I know the person, or have done some relationship selling, I try to slowly inform him/her of better supplements. It’s really hard though when 90% of what my store carries is worthless.

DPSnutrition, Health from the Sun Omega 3 flax, $5.99 for 16 oz. 3 bottles for $17.70.\

Go to the site, search for “flax”

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For his casien price it sounds like protein factory.

You can get Casein and Flax for about those prices from the protein factory.