Night-time Protien

Which night-time protien do you think is the best? Do they work?

Cottage cheese,( cassein) and some efa’s.

Bump that, cottage cheese is probably your best low cost option for nighttime protein. If you are looking for some sort of powder type thing, look for something with predominantely cassein as the protein source. Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t fall for the KleinBecker/Urban Bioligics/etc. Nitrovarin hype. Cottage cheese will work way better than this junk and it costs a hell of a lot less than $2 per serving.

Ditto on the cottage cheese/efa’s.

John Berardi did a great expose on these gimmicks. It’s called “Bedtime Story”. You can find it with a search at T-mag.

raw beef.

Calcium-casseinate, found in cottage cheese. You can buy it as plain cassein if you want from placs like the protein factory. I usually eat cottage cheese and a tablespoon of Udo’s Choices Blend right before I go to sleep. Sometimes I add in some animal based protein as well like turkey.

I’d rather go to bed hungry than waste my money on those shitty “night time proteins.” Even the guy in the advertisement looks like a creep.

Stick with cottage cheese or a casein-containing protein shake.

“Night-time” and “slow-release” proteins are a bunch of hype. Read the Protein Conspiracy in the latest paper issue of T-mag for more info.

And stay away from protein bars unless you only use Grow! bars.

Oh, man, Grow! bars. Out of this world.

Anyway, make your own Nighttime protein. Have a casein and whey meal. Mix some whey into casein. I would also include some fats with this, unless you need carbohydrate due to post-training.

And check out JB’s Bedtime Story. That’s where it’s at.


I always her casein suggested as a pre-bedtime meal. However, I have a hard time believing that casein is slower digesting tham meat protein say steak (as Goldberg suggested). What are your thoughts?


Small children are a better source of protein AND they are much more tender (easier to pick outta your teeth too!)

“Humans are the only animals that have children on purpose with the exception of guppies, who like to eat theirs”

~ P. J. O’Rourke


A7: Excellent point! I would definitely recommend a meal of whole-food protein (i.e. red meat) along with fibrous veggies and some fats as the last meal of the day.

I’ve got this issue with a LC Grow! and cottage cheese, though, that I really enjoy and like to have that. I know, eating for enjoyment is out of the question!

That said, my primary suggestion of cottage cheese is just so that one doesn’t waste his money on another protein supplement (i.e. a casein only protein custom blend).

Hey thanks for all the advice…you guys rock!