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Night Time Protien

Hey Bill, I was just wondering if my idea for a night time protein formula that I had talked about in a previous post would be a good idea. If it is I want to make sure I get the patent on it. We can call it Advanced Protein PM, of course it could only be from Biotest ha ha. Seriously let me know if you think its a good idea.

Actually, I haven’t been able to be on the Forum the last couple of days, so I’m not sure which formula you’re talking about. I’d mentioned a while back adding half-and-half to a protein shake, and then someone (I’m sorry
but I don’t remember who) suggested the same
thing, and there were other suggestions also,
of adding fiber to the protein shake, or adding cottage cheese.

I don’t know the efficacy, in terms of
extending absorption time, of the fiber and
cottage cheese ideas.

According to more time-honored standards
of what is patentable – novel and not
obvious to one skilled in the art – I wouldn’t think any of these ideas patentable, but, these days the standard for obviousness has gone way down so for all I know maybe you could patent them and have them hold up (simply having a patent issued doesn’t mean it will hold up in court.)

It would have to be a better idea than that other crap that’s just been introduced to the market as a night time protein. They won’t list their secret to slow gastric emptying, maybe because there isn’t one. I think with more time I can come up with some more things to add to the mix that could take it way past the 4hr mark.

If you come up with a combination of
ingredients that isn’t something that
one would just obviously do – especially
important is that there’s nothing published
or done that’s already the same or
strongly suggestive of it – you could
probably patent the combination.

I’d think that you can’t do much better
than you get by just having fats in there,
and the protein being casein, but I may be wrong.

Dan, are you referring to nitro-varin-PLS (sorry i missed your last thread). I saw this stuff and almost pissed myself from laughing so hard. Seriously, who the fuck can justify 50 bucks (suggested retail $75) for a paltry 678 grams of product?? Read their ingredient statement and it looks like a few crappy concentrates, possibly some aminos added, maltodextrin, soybean oil, and my goodness fructose! And then to add a load of crap on the instructions like: “Use no more than 1 seving per day. Use only as directed.” Why is that, you mean I might get 50 grams of protein instead of 25, hahahaha that sounds dangerous. Or maybe if you blaze through the bottle too fast you wont be buying anymore at those prices. The suggestions made here about adding cottage cheese to a high quality casein should do about the most we can expect, maybe a small amount of some fiber would add a small percentage to it but probably not all that much. I guess if someone is that concerned about it they should just wake up in the middle of the night and have yet another shake.

Eat half a meatloaf before bed and you won’t be catabolic before morning