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Night Time: Eggs?

I know cottage cheese and tuna are the number one choices for night time snacks, but how good are eggs before you go to bed, eggs or eggwhites?

I hope they are good because they are my nightime snack (5 whites only, 1 whole, cooked then add 1/2 table spoon of margarine and grated cheese)yum!

If you have no allergies or asthma go for it.

if i remember right they have gastric inhibitory peptide inn them that slows down digestion. more anticatabolic before bed.can’t remeber if you lose the peptide if you lose the yolks though

I’ve been eating eggs and egg whites as my last meal for the past several years. I don’t see any problems.

I eat 9 whole eggs everynight.

Egg and cheese omlettes are often my last meal of the day - whether it be on Massive Eating, Don’t Diet, or a T-Dawg-like setup.