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Night-Time Carb Cravings?


I always get my worst carb cravings at night, after the gym. Just wondering what everyone else's strategies are for dealing with this problem, if you experience something similar. I eat as much lean protein as I can, and it definitely helps curb my appetite, but I get extremely hungry sometimes, and if I start eating, I can continue non-stop, it seems. Thinking about trying to eat some type of fibrous veggie regularly, broccoli or some such. Lol I don't eat ANY vegetables regularly, as they go through me so quickly.

  1. Switch carbs from earlier in day to later
  2. Are you eating fats with your protein?
  3. Go for a walk/wash the car - distract yourself
  4. Diet soda
  5. Definitly eat your fibrevous veg


Google "leangains".


I think it's quite normal to crave carbs int he hours after the gym, for obvious reasons. In cases like this, I don't say no to my body, within reason of course. What do you normally eat between leaving the gym and going to bed?