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Night Time and Morning Wood

What I’ve lost in the past few months is consistent nighttime and morning erections. Its like rare to occasional now .

I do take daily cialis which am able to have successful sex.

But am not sure if a goal of mine should be to restore night and morning erections?? That would involve changing protocol. Or perhaps removing the beta blocker. I take 50 mg ER metoprolol.

I did message my cardiologist. And what I tried was switching the beta blocker to taking it in the morning and taking the ARB at night. He told me to try that but hasn’t seen it work in general. He told me to follow up with him but I’m not sure if I want him to change anything since my heart is doing well. Not sure what to do? Not sure what he would do if I tell him that it didn’t work.
Maybe I’ll try a protocol change before I do change any heart meds.

Feedback would be helpful.

More info:
Is getting boners at night and upon waking important health wise or just psychological?

I remember on 100 a week I getting really good boners all night. I think this was pre beta blocker.

Not sure if I should conclude it’s the beta blocker or I need to change my dosage. Am on 120 a week.
I know I was feeling good at 140 but never took a dairy on nocturnal boner situation.

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That is because it is extended release.

That would be a reasonable option. Given your situation, I’d do that before changing the beta blocker.

Given that, I think I’d leave well enough alone. If it did not work, I’d consider changing your heart meds. Obviously, that’s a cardiology call.

This is sound advice. Thank you.

Currently, I stopped cialis a few days ago. Did not change heart meds.

Currently without cialis I can get an erection but can’t keep it up if action stops. So if I get oral and she keeps going it will be a success.

So I plan to up my t to 140 to see if it helps keep it up. If not I have no problem restarting cialis which I may do either way. I remember going up to 160 caused heart paps to come back.

What daily cialis dosage do you see most guys on that need it?

Guys, I have not been on this site for a very long time, but I have still been on T replacement. I don’t see where you are on an AI to keep your Estradiol (E2)in check. Too high of an E2 to T ratio will kill the morning or even evening erections, Cialis is a slight AI, and more noticeable when not on T replacement. I am on 200mg/week of T cyp, and 200 iu of HCG every other day as well as 1 mg of Arimidex per week. My T is 1114 total, 28.9 Free, and my Estradiol is 8.2 and I don’t have any of the classic AI side effects such as joint pain, and the following list: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=too+low+estrogen+symptoms+male.
I am going to lower my Adex dosage to see if I get better spontaneous erections. I will take none for a week, and then lower my dosage to 0.5mg for a couple of weeks. I don’t know if this post helps you, but you are welcome to ask me questions if you like.

I’d be looking for my gun.

You probably want to start your own thread. You will get more attention.

If you don’t mind me asking, during intercourse (with the use of a pde5 inhibitor) are you able to achieve and maintain a full erection?

At this point a benefit/risk assessment needs to be taken into account. You’re on medication in aims to preserve cardiac function and/or potentially alter cardiac geometry as you have/had idiopathic dialated cardiomyopathy. Is it worth altering the precise balance of meds of which have now been proven to work in order to potentially restore nocturnal erections and morning wood? I don’t think so. It might not be fair, but life isn’t fair. If it was I wouldn’t have chronic pain, hypogonadism, a lack of social skills, bulging discs and neurological abberations at the age of nineteen. It is what it is, at the very least you’re receiving treatment as to decrease the severity of your symptomatology associated with cardiomyopathy. With cardiac parameters/function restored I’d also hypothesise the odds of you popping into an unstable or lethal rhythm has dramatically decreased.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not qualified to give out medical advice. If you can still have satisfying sexual intercourse is it really worth changing anything given the circumstances present? Are you insulin resistant, suffering from extensive fatigue (any other adverse effects beta blockers are known to cause?)

Beta blockers are associated with sexual dysfunction; especially first gen beta blockers. You could theoretically ask to be switched to a third generation beta blocker to see if it helps, though ED is a phenomenon observed class wide with beta blockers.

What other meds are you on? Any other HF/bp meds like ace inhibitors/ARV’s, dieuretics, cardiac glycosides, traditional anti arrhythmiacs? At times these issues can stem from psychological ethology as opposed to having a pharmacological cause. I read over on the other thread you’ve recently stopped watching porn.

I don’t buy into nofap as I see no inherent issue with masturbation, but excessive use of pornography can (probably) alter neural pathways associated with arousal/sexual excitation. There’s a period colloquially referred to as “flatlining” for those who stop watching porn after having developed a habit

This doesn’t relate to the incidence of nocturnal erections. If you’ve noticed it’s tougher to keep it up during real life scenarios; perhaps this relates to having recently quit viewing pornography.

It’s tougher than one would think to entirely cease the use of erotic materials given how easily accessible it is. I’ve never been able to quit, I’ve always associated this in relation to the fact that I don’t usually have access to any real life “action” on demand (opportunities are few and far in between).

Yes. Since I stopped cialis a few days ago, I took 40mg viagra and actually was super hard and maintained well during intercourse this evening.

You may find interesting that since switching metoprolol to the AM I actually can fall asleep without melatonin. Though when I get up to piss have trouble going back to sleep. I read that metoprolol can inhibit melatonin production.

I also take 4mg candesartan before bed. I take allopurinol and metformin. I take Metformin for reported benefits and slight insulin resistance I had. I take allopurinol for high urinary uric acid.

I agree and really do not want to stop the beta blocker. I also agree that if using a ped5 does the trick no need to stop BB.
I will probably start daily cialis since I have unplanned sex and have sex more than 2x a week. Yippee!

However, before I start daily cialis I was thinking too increase my dose to 140 to see if my erections are better with no pde5s. Not sure if it’s worth my time to do this experiment though. You can see my labs at 120 and 140 here

I did stop porn and edging and I did flat line. I may restart fapping when needed but with no porn. I was literally edging for 1-2 hours a day. Awful.
I did not have sex for a week either. So I stopped porn, orgasam, sex for a week. I restarted sex. Just will not restart porn since that seemed to be my issue.


Am thinking about dosing viagra daily instead of Cialis. Like 25 mg 2x a day. Would this work?

There was a study done using daily viagra and ed I can’t find it right now, but as I recall it was successful for many participants. I don’t recall the doses used.

The idea, I think, though is that since the half life of cialis is longer it builds up in your system providing better function all day. I believe cialis half life is like 18 hours vs 4-6 for viagra. I’d take the dose closer to when you think you’ll typically be needing it, maybe when you get home from work, etc or maybe even twice a day. If sexy time is irregular, you might consider taking a booster pill the usual hour before, personally i’ll do that with cialis too, and or take a viagra booster as well, my ed can be annoyingly persistent some days. Give’r a shot and see how it goes.

Good luck.

I was on 70mg T every 4 days, My Estradiol went from 8-to-36 to~54. At 54 my hickory went to rubber. ( I’m also on metoprolol 25mg 2X a day, and losartan 25 mg once a day)
My T center moved me to 60 mg T every 4 days (T went to 1013) and introduced .25 Anastrozole. I use a pill cutter to cut my 1mg into 4. I take .25 one time a week on a Friday morning. My wood was restored in 3 days. Our physiology from person to person has differences. I happy I was started on the lowest amount of anastrozole. Too much can have a very negative affect. I hope you sort out your unique situation. Your beta blocker is protecting your life. I have AFIB since taking Metoprolol my Afib is very well controlled. Funny thing, my bro. G is 2 years younger and we started T at the same time, his e2 was just where mine was and he too went to rubber. The .25 Anastrozole restored him in a week. All the best.

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115 had my e2 at 29
140 at 36.

No ai. Since at 140 my total and free t stayed basically the same but e2 went higher I gather I don’t see any additional benefit at 140. Though when my e2 gets less than 30ish I seem to have back pain and joint issues.

Glad a small amount of ai is working for you and is what you need

Probably, only one way to find out for sure. You’ll know quickly, and if it doesn’t, the fix is easy.

No back/joint paint certainly seems like a benefit of keeping E2 up to me…

I’m going to knock on wood (pun intended) but I haven’t had any problems with Propranolol ER 80mg and 20mg instant release as needed. I’m prehypertension at age 39 but also suffer alot of anxiety. The beta blockers help that.

I’m on 70mg E3.5D for a total of 140mg per week.

My wife calls me a walking boner and my morning wood lasts forever and I feel like a teenager again. Crossing my fingers it stays this way…been about 6 weeks at this dose.

You take any pde5s?

When do you take propranolol?

Thank you for your Anastrozole data, I have been telling people for years some guys use 0.25mg per week, and some guys need 0.25mg per day. Here is my analogy: anastrozole is like fertilizer, a little is good but too much will kill your plant(s).

Nope, no pde5s. I take the Propranolol ER 80mg in the AM. I take the 1 or 2 of the 20mg instant release Propranolols a couple times a week to chill the nerves as needed.

I’m a heavy guy too…so I’m going to count my lucky stars.

Since I have upped my dose to 140mg a week split into E3.5D doses my libido and erection quality has gone through the roof.