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Night Terrors


Man I think I just had a night terror or something. Quite a few of you know me on this site and yeah..was wondering if anyone else had somethin like this?

All I remember was wakin up screamin at the top of my lungs tryin to get away from my bed and ran into the hall..and this point it seemed like I could control myself but was abslutely terrified. I was so afraid, afraid in a way I haven't been afraid..like I was a child or somethin. It was really weird..
I read that night terrors have a link with hypoglycemia..well I usually eat many many meals a day..but today I only had 1 really good meal, and just a couple snacks..I did go to bed hungry
but I just had a cup of cottage cheese and fish oil thinkin nothing of it and I'd catch up with my meals tomorrow. I don't know if this is any correlation but fuck..never really belived in people having night terrors but man..it's terrifying
anyone else have one? This is my first time..19 years old. Hope it doesn't happen again.


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yeah I'm trying to figure out what triggered it.
The lack of food I ate that day..or this week my sleep patterns have been up n down..I was actually so tired one night I went to bed at 7:45pm and woke up at 4am..then continured to sleep until 8:30am. The last time I did somethin like that I was a kid and played outside all day.

I don't know what I screamed..I can't really recall all I know is that I was TERRIFIED. Gut wrenching fear...I could feel the intensity in my eyes, my actions and I was very panicked.
Just thinkin about it is giving me goosebumps and I haven't fallen asleep since it happened (4am).

I do recall I think having it once when I was a kid..I saw a glimpse of an "alien" and screamed and ran out of bed..and was very confused.

This time it was different though..I just remember my gf sleeping and maybe she was moving or something but I opened my eyes and realized I was pushing her away a little bit but once I opened my eyes I started to scream..I don't know if I screamed "HELP!!" or "HELP US!!" or "HELP ME!!" but I think I mightve screamed that once then just randomly screamed..but I was absolutely DESPERATE to get out of bed.
I'm still getting goosebumps thinkin of it.
And I ran into the hall where my sister came out too and shes like are you okay?!
And then I'm like..I know what was happening but didn't have control/wasn't fully conscious.

Anyways scary shit. Hope it doesn't happen...just ate a fairly good breakfast..couple eggs, bagel sandwhich with tomoatoe and lettuce, ltitle bit of bacon and cheese too..and 1 orange.

Any other comments on here bout this is greatly appreciated.


I used to get the frequently when I was very young. There are two that I will never forget. One was when Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy kept jumping out from behind my bed, screaming obsenities at me with these really evil faces and red and yellow flashing lights all around. The other one was where I saw one of the muppets with a long curved beak (not Gonzo) cutting up my foot at the end of my bed. He looked over at me and I could see the bones in my foot all bloody. It was so fucking scary and I couldn't move, all I could do was scream.

I stopped getting them when I was around 6 or so so for me it was just a phase or something.


What happened to just plain crazy?

lol. j/k.


You need to change your avatar.
That should stop any future night terrors.


But seriously, Rast, I never had them. But my younger brother always had them. I once asked him if he could recall what it was he was seeing in the dream that caused the terror. He told me I wouldn't understand because it seems so benign now that we're awake talking about it. But he described seeing colorful circles floating peacefully (kind of like how bubbles move in a light breeze). Then they started bumping into one another quite violently, and this scared him. He also described another time when he saw a soft light blue blanket smoothed out before him. Everything was peaceful until the blanket suddenly began wrinkling violently... twisting and distorting. Scared the shit out of him.


yeah a few weeks ago i had this woke up hyperventalating, felt like i had snakes all over me, then my sister came into my room(she was in the hall) and i kinda just clicked out of it...felt a little off going back to sleep


temperature is directly related. Don't overheat, remove some covers if necessary, step 1.

but the crazy comment isn't entirely out of reach, night terrors are a symptom of something greater, not the problem itself. Usually people who have extremely violent or disgruntled dreams have bi-polar disorder or some kind of hormone malfunction that makes for bi-polar like symptoms.

Im not implying anyone is actually ill, though the body doesn't do these things for shits and giggles. there is something off somewhere and for it to occur during sleep as night terrors do. it could be actually very minor, but I would start first with a hormone check, then try removing an element of diet like caffene or sugar or something. If nothing helps, then id say seek psychiatric help.

Post again if it gets that far, most shrinks are butchers, believe me.


I used to have night terrors fairly frequently when I was younger. They stopped when I hit puberty, but I have had a few as an adult when there are extenuating circumstances (high fever, pain medication, etc).

Mine were to the point where I would be running around screaming with my parents chasing me. They would try to wake me up but I was totally unresponsive. Sometimes this would go on for an hour or more. Pretty scary experience for all parties involved. All I can ever remember afterwards is this intense feeling of anxiety that is literally nearly suffocating me. It was never related to anything specific, just general, intense anxiety.

I also had a lot of anger issues when I was younger, so what BLuePfaltz said seems to make sense. I still have anger problems I just have it much more under control than in the past.


well i obviously checked the internet and it did say bi-polar etc. now I don't think I have anything like that.
It says stress and lack of sleep/being overly tired can cause it.
I'm 19 years old and I'm runnin my dads company while he's gone to take care of family stuff.

So I'm pretty much runnin a business at 19 years old, and while I don't feel stressed out doing it..maybe it's taking it's toll. But it's weird cause I don't feel stressed..I'm not a worry type of person..I never worry or anything.
It's been 2 weeks I've been running the business...I did find the 2nd week I was overly tired all week

Like I said at one point I couldnt even stay awake and went to bed at 7:45pm!
I feel like I could sleep anytime..and well I kinda forced myself to stay awake a couple nights to hangout with friends when I know I shouldn't have and really coulda used the extra sleep.
And last night when it happened I was really tired at 11 and wanted to sleep...but I forced myself to stay awake and was awake till 2:30am..then it happened around 4:30am.

Everyone has some sort of violence in their dreams at one point..but I think for me it coulda just been overly tired etc.

I do realized the body/mind doesn't do this like you said for shits and giggles so somethnig is off obviosuly.

I hope it doesn't happen again...although I'm pretty sure this is my first episode ever...but like I said i think I had it ONCE as a child..but I was so young I cant remember and it really coulda just been a regular nightmare..

My plan is to just stay on my regular sleep schedual like always, rest, rest,rest and just not to think about it.
Thanks for the posts!


I was about to type this out for myself...weird.


I'm not sure if I do or not. Sometimes you wont wake up during them and remember nothing of it but I do some times wake up in genuine states of fear. I hope you don't get them again man!


I've had sleep terrors all of my life except for the past few years. They were definitely related to stress/fear and inability to cope with what was going on in my life, and lingering effects of violent and traumatic experiences.

Having gotten a better handle on life has helped quite a bit.

Good luck.


Used to get some nasty sleep paralysis attacks with hallucinations when I was younger, haven't had one since middle school though.


Wow didn't realize quite a few people on here have had sleep sitations too...yeah I slept all day..what a coincidence there was no work today...It's a little past 3pm. so I've pretty much slept the day away.
I'm kinda weary about falling asleep tonight...whether I should train hard or not...lol
I'm glad everyone here has gotten over most sleep problems though, and hope that was the first and last time for me :).


Thank god Jews have no hell, 'cause otherwise, I'd be going.


Slept all day?

Get up and feed the machine, man!



I am the terror of the night


I've been waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling of anxiety and panic that, thankfully, disappears quickly. Probably not nearly as bad as what you guys are having.

But it is still disconcerting and quite new to me, I'm not sure what is going on.


actually I am the terror of the night cause I scared the shit out of everyone else in my house, nevermind me haha.

Yeah I slept all day IronDwarf..I've been eating though, I'm actually eating 2 tuna sandwhiches as we speak so makin sure I'm eating good all day. Fuck that I'm not workin tomororw though, I have to go to pick up family LATE at the airport tonight...I'm not goin to work exhausted tomorrow. NOOO way lol.
Liek Superbad...I'm taking a mental health day haha.

Willus, it was new to me too..I've woken up before jumpy, sweating etc. But I think everyone goes through that a couple times. But last night was very extreme.
I guess just make sure you eat enough/failry healthy. And from what I read keep the same sleep patterns. Pick a time of night to go to bed at every night..I usually like to sleep at 11..but I'll go to bed even earlier if I have to 10:30, or even 10.

Anyways not gonna train today...rather not exhaust myself, so I'm just gonna clean up some stuff, do some chores and take it easy.