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Night Sweats?


For about the eighth night in a row now I've been sweating buckets at night, soaking my sheets. It's not a room temperature issue, as that's no different than it always is this time of year.

I even cracked the window a bit to make it borderline cold and I STILL sweat buckets during the night. I have no cold-like symptoms at all, but generally feel a little weak and tired during the day, with occasional moments of slight lightheadedness. Some days are better than others.

When this first started, over a week ago, I had swollen, tender lymph glands for the first few days, but those seem to be back to normal now, yet my night sweats persist.

Anyone know what this might be?

I'm going to try to see a doctor later today, though I don't know what they can tell me.



I have the same problems and found it's related to my carb intake. Or rather to my carbs/fat ratio. When I lean to close to a low-carb/medium fat diet, my body has troubles adapting. My sweating fluctuates with my diet


Sounds like aliens are experimenting on your body.

Seriously, it could be a virus that is running it's course. It could be endocrine related. See what your doctor says. I think night sweats are a symptom of numerous causes.



Id say your fighting off something. I had flu/cold syptoms for a week and now I sweat hardcore at night. I assumed it would go in a few more days.


a high fat meal before bed makes me get up and towel off its nasty.


Are you taking ZMA??? A few kids i know who take ZMA sweat like animals at night, and they no longer take it and are fine....if ur taking ZMA stop taking it and see what happens...if ur not taking it than im not sure...r u taking a fat burner or something close to bed time??


I would get them for weeks at a time, and then all of a sudden it stops for months. I have had my pillow and sheets soaked in the morning for several days in a row before. I was staring to get freaked out and search the internet for medical information (been covered on this site before) and was getting concerned then it stopped. I have not had them for over 2 months now. I did seem to get them worse when increasing or decreasing my calorie intake so it was probably related to diet. It is unlikely that it is a medical problem, but is very annoying.


Ok, I just got back from the doctor and they can't figure it out offhand. They took my blood and will run all sorts of tests on it, so hopefully that will figure it out.

My diet hasn't changed at all lately. Not taking any fat-burners. I take ZMA but have for years and years and years, so that's not the culprit.

They said it's probably any one of a zillion miniscule viral infections. Could be tuberculosis, though that's unlikely, especially since I have no respiratory-type symptoms whatsoever.

Anyway, we shall wait and see. Everything else they checked on me looked normal. No fever, nothing.


I've been dealing with night sweats for a week. I've also had the flu and now a massive sinus infection. Even if I don't feel feverish during the day, if I lay down to sleep I wake up in the night all gross. Makes me wonder if I develop a fever while I'm sleeping and then it breaks.

So maybe you're sick.


It's the anti-E your taking and the gear your on!

Dam steroid freak!

Seriously, I dunno what it is. I couldn't resist a saracastic comment :slightly_smiling:


Please get a HIV test


Your going to die... =P


a little alarmist but yeah it sounds like a viral infection so get some blood work done


Night sweats are part of the constitutional symptoms (fever, chills, night sweats, loss of appetite, weight loss and change in sleep pattern) which can signal the most benign viral infection to cancer (lymphoma for example, night sweats are often present with other symptoms).

Common things being common, and without any other symptoms, viral infections is usually the culprit. Then again you tend to keep it last on your differential b/c its the hardest one to prove and usually can explain many things easily(there aren't cultures and tests for the hundreds of virus out there susceptible to cause things like this). However, you don't want to miss something more serious (You rule out the deadly, and check for the probable).

Still, you're not going to get the million dollar workup for isolated night sweats. Just like your not going to get a Chest CT for a cough.

I hope things fix themselves


I'd say more so than the night sweats, you should worry about the fact that you have ideas like seeking medical advice from bodybuilding website threads. :wink:



I haaaaaaaaave . . . (wait for it) . . . MONO! Yup, they did blood work and found it.

This is kind of surprising to me, since I've had no sore throat at all, and my only symptoms were the night sweats (which have been going on for 10 nights now), swollen lymph glands around my throat, and last week I felt very fatigued for a few days (stayed home from work one day). That's it!

I took all of last week off from working out to try to recover from whatever fatiguing bug ailed me (didn't know it was mono at the time), then worked out Sunday night and felt great. Worked out Tuesday night and felt great (even set a new P.R. in deadlifts)! I don't feel bad at all now -- I just still have swollen lymph glands, I'm still having major night sweats (but otherwise sleep fine) and maybe I get the "occasional" quick moment of fatigue during the day, but it's gone in a couple minutes.

I honestly feel fine! My appetite is (and has been) totally fine, I'm not losing weight at all . . . nothing! And there's nothing I can do but wait it out, and maybe take lots of Vitamin C (which I do anyway, along with a zillion other healthy supplements).

I'm hoping/suspecting it's on its last legs, as I feel much better this week than I did last week. My doctor said working out is ok as long as I don't overdo it and don't run myself down in general. She just said to avoid contact sports or activities that could impact or rupture my spleen.

Who the hell knew?? (Sigh). Gotta' weed out the members of my harem more carefully, I guess.


Apparently you conveniently didn't read the part about my doctor visit. Run along now.


(Sigh). Fine. No one cares that I could be on death's door. :frowning:


Mono sucks. Just make damn sure you get plenty of rest and don't over do it - Mono is just a hop, skip and jump from hepatitis.

Well...that's what my granny always told me anyway.


Hepatitis?? It can somehow lead to hepatitis? How? (Would that be hep A, B, C, D or E)?