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Night Sweats with Test E

Currently running 300mg E3D test-e on week 5. After the first week I noticed ridiculous night sweats. Everything else about cycle has been great. But I wake up and my sheets are soaked. My wife says my body feels hot and I’m drenched. I have to sleep on towels it’s so bad. Any ideas on what’s causing this and how to fix it? It’s not every night but I’d say 5 out of 7 days. I also feel like my body temperature in general has risen. I have to keep my house at 66 degrees to feel comfortable especially at night

Sounds like Tren sides but you know, ever since I got on TRT, my body temp has risen and I sweat at night. Not soaking like you are talking about though. You’re not running a Test/tren blend are you?

Check more into the areas, of high stress, low cortisol numbers, or adrenal fatigue.

Link was deleted, but still google search Night sweats with adrenal fatigue.

Did you know that low T could be causing night sweats? TrT might be right for you.

Well not that I know of or atleast not what bottle is labeled lol! The source is fairly reputable but shit who the hell knows right? When I Googled a bunch I saw some other people with problems and that was a common statement about sounding like tren. Kinda odd to because I fall asleep later and wake up much earlier sense on cycle when I hear most people say they sleep like rocks.

IV also read shit about it could be high E2 and when you sleep it’s the estrogen lowering causing sweat. But I’m not getting many other high e symptoms like ED or mood issues and I am on adex 0.3 injection day. I have gained 23lbs in 5 weeks first 10lbd being in a week (I front loaded) but my blood pressure isn’t crazy high or anything

No idea what that is will def Google it

This sounds straight out of a trt promotional pamphlet lol

Wow! That is substantial. With all the night sweats, do you notice any additional fat loss?

Fat loss no. But I wouldn’t expect to see any. I’m taking in about 4000 calories a day I’d be pretty surprised even if I sweated a ocean out if I lose any fat. I know I’m holding a shit ton of water. Of the 23 lbs I’d say 12-16 is water… I have a decent size upper body/ frame and a bigger lower so I hold it well or as well as possible so it’s not bothersome. I put that initial 10-12 lbs on first week the next 10 lbs has been about 2.5 per week

Thanks now I’m convinced I have adrenal fatigue… All of these things I have issues with except low blood pressure

I too wake up drenched every night but I am running a little more test than you at 500mg. I live in Scotland and it is absolutely baltic, yet I sleep stark naked and still sweat as if I’m in a sauna.

@physioLojik addressed adrenal/cortisol issues in one of my threads. Can’t remember which right now but a search with his name and cortisol should find it.


500 a week? Or E3D. I’m currently running 300 E3D which equals out to 750mg a week. Have you had any issues with estrogen or are you on any AI? Asking because I can’t seem to shake the idea it’s related

ohh, I’m a week. my estrogen is very high, our norms are between 100-180 and I’m sitting at 352. I’m not taking any ai as currently I feel great. the sweating isn’t an issue for me.

I actually kinda agree about not taking an AI unless symptoms of gyno or other serious shit appears… It seems a lot of people will disagree and say even if no symptoms it’s still unhealthy etc etc. I’m currently running a small dose AI only because I’m on a fairly large dose of test and my body fat isn’t the greatest (around 18%) so it’s more just for peace of mind

Right after I typed that I just realized I don’t know what the fuck my body fat is. These at home scales are so inaccurate. For instance my at home scale has my BF at 25% which is completely bullshit that I do know for sure. I need to look into a cheap and easy way to get it tested. If anyone has idea feel free to give them

I know it sounds like BS, but it seemed pretty accurate for me…I used one of those blood pressure machines but that also weigh you and do a BF analysis. Mine was at a big chain grocery store but walgreens or cvs might have them.

The reason I think mine is off is it says 24.3 but when I enter my waist and wrist circumference, age height etc into the ones on Google I get 18-19% on those. I think my home scale just uses height age and weight. Which for someone with a muscular build can be misleading. Off cycle I’m 200 6 foot with a 34 inch waist. Even now at 223lbs my waist hasn’t budged at all but the body fat on my scale damn sure has when in reality a lot of that is water weight

we are rather similar. I’m sitting at 230lbs with a 34 inch waist, how old are you and what are your goals?

I’m 28 I used to be a all fat 300lbs I spent 8 years getting down to a fairly muscular 200… I don’t necessarily have set goals per se as far as strength goes. My goals are more appearance based. I was 200 before the start of this cycle after the cycle is all said and done and I finish pct I’d like to have put on and keep 8 lbs. So I guess that is a goal

The Navy has a calculator online that uses various measurements including neck size. Its pretty accurate

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That being said my max for bench before cycle was 315 x 4 leg press was 900lbs I don’t dead lift because of back issues so don’t even ask. I do a lot of pull up variations and dip based workouts. At 200lbs I can do 20 wide grip pull ups and 50 dips idk if that’s good or not but I feel healthy and fairly strong