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Night Sweats the Night After Taking My First Anastrozole Dose


You need to make sure you can take your meds into those countries. See what you need to have with you to enter without issue.


My T and AI have both been prescribed to me… nothing under the table. My understanding is that I just need to make sure I keep them in the original prescription bottle with my name, dosage, etc on it. I was going to keep my syringes in an Insulin travel case.

Do you see me having any issues with this travel strategy?


I would be 110% postive about the T before entering a country like the Philippines with it. They dont mess around over in the corner of the world. You should be worried and on guard traveling there period nevermind with controlled substances and syringes


Dang, you guys have me a little scared now. From everything I’ve read it seems I’ll be fine with the prescriptions with my name on it. I may also have my Dr. write a letter which can also help if there are any issues.


Look at the country’s laws your visiting and double check. Some don’t allow it. Others don’t care. Take your ai with you if your worried about it.


Jsut carry one vial on checked in and another in luggage. Don’t take syringes carry on… out it in bags designated for diabetic medicine to confuse them if they look.

I think it’s eays to get Testastorone in the Philippines anyways. Or I’d thay Thailand.


subscribing to this thread. Looking forward to seeing if this advice(no AI@200mg/wk) pans out.
Best of luck to you mcf I hope your meeting and big date goes well.


I’m a new member but I started TRT 1 year ago. I just clicked on this because I sometimes get night sweats after taking anastozole. I can say from reading the first post that. 1mg is way too large. I would be shut down for weeks on that. From experience the worst thing you can do is wipe your E to nothing. It takes weeks to recover and sex is Aweful. I’m an over responder to anastazole so I only need maybe 1/64th every 6 weeks. My estrogen was naturally low as well. Switch to IM injections. Best thing I ever did. You typically will not need an AI. It’s better to have higher E than low from experience.


We travel light, so everything will be in our carry on bags.


Thank you for the well wishes, @hrdlvn ! I’ll update with labs as I go along.


Thanks for the reply, @cornwellsb

Sounds like we’re pretty similar. I’m curious, what is your weekly T dosage at? Is it on the higher end like I’m taking (200mg/wk)?


Pull labs just prior to your injection, so preferably you inject in the am. Get labs first thing in the morning, then take your dose.

Most do three to four the first year, twice a year after.


Yah 200mg with HCG … I agree… if I wanted to avoid sides I wouldn’t do this. HCG itself can cause some shitty sides but those happen pretty quick. Wrong time to change protocol if you are that worried about sides effecting your trip. I wouldn’t of done it. There’s a time and place for everything .


I actually just took my first HCG dose last night. 350iu twice a week. Nothing to note yet besides a small headache this afternoon. The main reason I’m taking it is to maintain fertility and also have read it’s good to keep the boys downstairs working since they produce other important hormones besides T. A lot of people also report better mood and libido.

I realize the 200mg + HCG & zero AI is most likely not going to be sustainable as my E2 rises. My next injection is on Sunday morning. I’m going to cut it down by 15%… so 85mg / twice a week. I know making multiple protocol changes especially without waiting 6 wks between them is a no-no but I don’t want to blow my E2 through the roof.

Going in for labs tomorrow and will report back next week when I get the results to see where my E2 has gone since I stopped AI.


Well, I think E2 got to me. A couple days ago I really started feeling sluggish, very irritable and moody, worse libido. Got into a big fight with my girlfriend over something very silly… definitely not feeling myself. That night I took a natural estrogen lowering supplement (Andro Surge) and started feeling a bit better. I was suspecting high E2.

Yesterday I decided to try a very small dose of AI to bring it down further. So, I dissolved a 1mg arimidex in 100mg vodka. I used a syringe and needle to measure the vodka and also suck up the solution after it dissolved so I could get very accurate dosing (10mg solution = .1mg arimidex). Anyway, I took .15mg AI and within hours I was feeling much better. A complete change. Had sex twice yesterday with no issues and was in a good mood again.

I got labs drawn on Fri which was the day the symptoms started so I’m expecting the results to show higher E2.

As a result of all of this, today I lowered my dosage from 200mg to 150mg. I injected 75mg this morning along with my 350iu HCG. I definitely want to avoid these symptoms in the future, hopefully lowering my dosage will help.

Will report back with lab results to see if my E2 was running hot.


Well played my friend well played. It is really important to talk with your GF and explain what is going on. Ask her for her help. If she notices you are getting pissy she need to say something very early and YOU need to listen to her. Remember your hormones are all over the place so you are not yourself. In time though you will be a better you.


Just got labs back. As suspected, E2 was elevated… at least for me.

Test Serum (ng/dL) (264-916) Test Free (pg/mL) (8.7-25.1) Estradiol (pg/mL) (7.6-42.6) Hemoglobin (g/dl) (13-17.7) Hematrocrit (%) (37.5-51) SHBG (nmol/L)(16.5-55.9)
1,327 32.9 33.7 13.8 42.6 29.7

E2 at 33.7 had me feeling pretty bad even though it’s barely in the high range (7.6-42.6). I naturally had low estrogen to start (13.6) so I must be more sensitive to it.

I also got SHBG tested for the first time and as you predicted @systemlord it’s pretty mid-range at 29.7. (16.5-55.9)

So far on the change to a lower T dosage (150mg/wk from 200mg/wk) things are feeling good. I should be at peak about now since I took my 75mg IM yesterday early evening. Erection quality has been very good which is one thing I was after with T-Replacement. The .15mg of AI may have brought me into a good E2 zone.

Anyway, wanted to update with labs. If anyone has any advice, it’s always appreciated! Thanks Guys!


Congrats on the new labs. I think you got this F-ing thing figured out. Your suggested protocol changes sound good to me. Looking forward to your next report.


Wow, excellent labs, look at the hematocrit! Your estrogen lowers at night time whether on TRT or not, so if you took the AI before the night sweating, you just lost more estrogen than you would have if you hadn’t taken the AI.

I’m not on an AI and I certainly feel estrogen is lower at night and mornings.


I just had labs and discovered my E was very low. I take 150mg a week split 50mg E3D. I’ve decided to lower that. I typically only have an estrogen problem every 6 weeks so I’m going to go down to 120. I prefer not to have to take an AI at all. A tiny sliver, 1/64 of anastrizole dropped me like a rock in a pool.