Night Sweats; Fried CNS?


last week I finished Smolov JR for squat and increased 10 kg the last week so I think I really nuked my self there. 3 days before finishing the program I got night sweats where I was drenched and it has been like this the while week. Im wondering if this is due to frying my CNS or overreaching? I can only recall this happening after hitting the gym.

Thanks in advance.

This is completley normal in the fact that your body is undergoing massive repair when you sleep. When you reach REM especially there are higher levels of HGH and IGF that are released. I would take it as a good sign. Just stay hydrated and listen to your body…Also your grip is a great way to tell how your CNS is doing. Farmer Carry with dumbells should let you know pretty quick.

Maybe ur right. It didnt occur tonight which is my guess that its two days since I hit the gym. If I go today im almost sure it will happen again.

Maybe I should deload one week.

night sweating has also been linked to high metabolism. if you’re working harder, you’re burning more calories. i get night sweats whenever i do alot of HIIT, or when i use a program that supersets compound moves i.e. squats/pullups.

that might be linked to it. Im currently doing IF and usually eat all my meal prior to bed.

But the main reason for worry is ofc any medical condition related to night sweats :stuck_out_tongue: