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Night shift supplement timing

Guys, just a question about when to take supplements(Androsol/ZMA/Tribex/methoxy) while working a 10p-6a or a 6p-6a shift. I know that the bodies natural production of T peaks around 8am but at this time i am just getting into a deep sleep. ZMA is to be taken on an empty stomach before bed and Androsol to be applied in the a.m. or so I’ve been reading. Tribex is to be taken 2x per day as is Methoxy.

I have currently been taking the ZMA and applying the Androsol at 7am after I get off work and then re-applying the second dose of Androsol around the time I wake up. Been taking the Tribex at(times approx) 10pm and 3am and Methoxy at 9pm and 6am.

My question is, is there any pro’s or con’s about this schedule, what should I do and what have you guys experienced? Should I schedule the dosages around my current sleep pattern or shedule them whithout regard to my sleep pattern?

Side note: I lift 3x per wk. around 7pm after awaking at 3pm eating and driving 30 minutes to the gym. Monday is deadlifts/back/bi, Wednesday is bench/chest/tri, Fri is squat/legs/shoulders. Any input would be great! aj

Night shift, huh? Been there, done that. It’s tough to get used to those different hrs, and even tougher to go back to a regular schedule. With the ZMA, whatever is YOUR normal bedtime, schedule your dose around that. I haven’t taken Androsol or Nandrosol but just adjust them to your schedule. Tribex is best taken pre-workout (one of the doses anyway).

don’t really have any advice on this, but i know what you’re going through. i work midnight-8am 2 days a week and get up at anywhere from 8am-12pm on my other days. i have found it hard to make good gains while working this job (in fact, i have a net loss). i too have wondered what time i should adjust my supplimentation. i take zma 2 at 11pm before work and 2 at 9am before bedtime on the days i work and 3 before bedtime on any other day. when using androsol (or similar topical) i always spray at 9am and 5pm regardless of my schedule. (in other words i sleep with it on after workdays) do i have this all wrong myself? i would like to hear a little more on this subject as well. thanks. rush

Tim Patterson helped me with EXACTLY this sort of thing 2 weeks ago. I get off work at 6 am, workout, eat and go to bed. He said to definitely have a high carb post-workout shake. The insulin spike knocks you stupid in about 45 minutes.

Hey well thanks for the input and let me clarify my thinking on all of this. I apply the androsol in the am like is being preached so you get the maximum effect on the already peaked T levels. I space the tribex throughout the day so as to keep the levels elevated and then the zma before bed. All of which I hope will give my T a major shot in the arm. My schedule is fairly rigid in the fact that I have been on the same shift for about 24 weeks. I actually find that I make better gains on this shift. And as for the gains so far while using this schedule. I have gained a little over 2 lbs in the first 3 days I used the stuff, dosen’t sound like much but for me who is 5’8" and about 192 at my heaviest 2 lbs is pretty good and I will keep you posted on the remaining week and a half of the cycle. later, aj.