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Night protein STOPS Fat Loss?!

So I planned to add 40g of Whey/Casein Shake in the middle of the night when I get up to piss. I am on steroids and trying to get lean so I figure: 1)more protein more turnover more muscle. 2) Higher Themic effect of food more calories burned and speed up metabolism.4) hy EVER be catabolic if I need not be?! So I think it is a win, win BUT my trainer who is usally pretty T-mag savy says IT STOPS FAT LOSS. He says believe it or not a huge amount of fat is burned while we sleep. He says even if we eat before bed the body needs to use fat for basic metabolism while asleep and that eating ANYTHING when I wake up to pee screws it all up?! He says eating protein at night has minimal effect while bulking or dieting. What do you guys think? I think he sucks.

Derek Alessi suggests the same thing in “The Promise”. Not eating at night (and before morning cardio) cost more muscle than they add to fat loss. So this is not the efficient way to loss fat since one of the critical success factors to lossing fat is maintaining the muscle to keep the metabolism stoked. You should be able to lean up a bit on AS by just eating clean and often.