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Night - Postworkout Meals?

I believe I will be working out 9 pm or 10 pm at night. I have Surge for my post workout nutrition. But as I have to sleep around 12 am or so, what do I eat? PF meal or PC meal?

From what I’ve read here, PF meal(I’ll take some Grow protein with cottage cheese) is best before bed. But I want to put on LBM. Do I need one PC meal after my Surge (and if so, how large is this PC meal)? Or can I just take Surge, wait 1 hour, eat PF meal, go to bed. Then load up on carbs during breakfast.

Advise please, thanks!

You want to have PC meal. to replace the glycogen. just experiment how much carbs to take for a couple of weeks then adjust accordingly.

I think a car analogy would be useful.

It’s not when you put the petrol in the tank, it’s how many miles did you do?

So you’ll want to eat some carbs to replace glycogen (or look at the Anabolic diet thread in the supplement section). You may get some difficulty sleeping, after eating a training-friendly meal. Don’t make it too big, and don’t try to sleep immediately after.

I wouldnt sweat it tpo much have the Surge then the meal after. Hell whhich ever floats your fancy. as long as youve had the Surge and then meals between the next training and this one with soem carbs your bound to be just fine.

Eat whatever helps you sleep the best or hell even sounds good.