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Night of the Living Dead



Just wondering which T-Nationers will be there. This'll be my first year there and am competing in the amateur circuit. Wanted to gain some insight into the meet/exhibition, know some people from here and meet up there


It's the best meet I have ever been to or even heard of. I have competed the last 2 years but can't this year which is killing me inside. Alex Campbell, the guy running the meet, is the fucking man. My only advice to you is to get as mentally ready as you can because it gets pretty intense. Also, get ready to be violently humbled when you watch Bolton lift... its ridiculous.

I will be there next year with a vengeance.


I got invited by the WPC to represent the U.S. at the world championships. I also qualified for the WABDL worlds and it's sad to say I can't make either one. What really hurts is making the roster for the NOTLD and not being able to go. I'll be there next year for sure even if I have to start walking now.


Damn that sucks for both of you

Well not khalidshadid64 since you get to represent the US at the WPC, that's fucking awesome man. Congrats

From the videos I've watched of last years NOTLD, the atmosphere will be like one I have never lifted at before. And I guess since it's an exhibition, I don't really have to worry about making weight or anything. I'm hoping to pull 500 @ 148lbs raw.

But I'm even more excited to see the Pros pull and the Andy Bolton invitational, prepping myself for an insane experience


I've seen one of your vids. You'll kill 500.


I've gotten it hitched before, I'm hoping for a clean pull


Yeah that was a little hitching....more like a mini seizure LOL. j/k.

Good luck at the meet. Where you been?


Hahaha Rick! I've been good man, just staying down here in St. Louis for my senior year, I stayed here for the summer as well. I'll be back home during the winter so we can pull every week for a good month and a half! How've you been man?

Also, what is your guys' opinions on using ammonia caps before a pull? Never done them before but I'll try it this tuesday when I do a light pull. I don't wanna try them for the first time at the meet on Saturday haha


I never pull at a meet without three or four nice big snorts on an ammonia cap before a lift. I'm like a crackhead with those things. If I didn't have any I'd probably go into shock or something. LOL


I decided this week to make the trip down for NOTLD! My parents are about an hour away in Virginia so I'll be staying with them. Figure it will be a nice weekend and I get to see my folks while I'm at it and watch some insane deadlifts....I'm looking forward to it!


About to rape my nose with these ammonia caps for the first time in my life, lets see what my reaction is to them

That's great man, hopefully we can meet each other at the competition.


I will be the large guy with a beard wearing an Elite shirt....ohhhh wait...


Got back from Tennessee, one of the greatest experiences of my life. I weighed in at 148.4 lbs and opened up wtih a 457 deadlift. 2nd attempt was 485 and nailed that. Knowing I can do 500, I tried 512.5 but couldn't get my hips through once it got past my knees. Ended up placing 6th in the amatuer circuit but I'd say that's good seeing how it was my very 1st adult powerlifting meet ever! Watching the pro was phenomenal. Watching Vince Urbank weighing in at 308 pull 906lbs, 4 guys pulled over 800lbs at the meet. Richard Hawthorne won the meet by weighing in in the 120's and pulling I think 610. Meeting and talking to Urbank, Bolton, Hawthorne was awesome. All of them saw me lift as well and offered critiques to my form. Overall, I was the youngest male lifter there at 20 yrs old aside from the 9 yr old boy that pulled 210lbs at 90lbs bw! Allison McWeeny's pull was just heartwarming. I can't wait to come back again next year!!

So this being my first meet ever, it's just got me in the mood to keep competing. All I want to do now is just to keep deadlifting haha 24/7. The lifters at the meet were phenomenal


How much did Bolton pull?


sounds like a great day regardless of the missed attempt


Andy Bolton opened with 815.7 and destroyed that. Both him and Urbank forgoed(word?) their 2nd attempts and tried 936 and 937 respectively. Both failed on their now what is 3rd attempt so Urbank ended up winning the Bolton Invitational. When I was weighing in with Bolton, he was telling me that he was recovering from a stomach virus from the past week, said he lost somewhere around 25lbs. and wasn't feeling 100% - but didn't wanna miss the meet regardless. He weighed in at a quote "Very slim and lean 327.4" haha. But the crowd went wild on his opener

Yeah man it was, it just like made me love lifting even more now, like a 2nd coming for my love of the iron ahha. So cheesy


It DOES sound like a great day, very cool. I'm a terrible deadlifter, and I dream of just, someday, being able to lift at NOTLD