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Night Life in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Area?

I’m going there for a vacation. I remember going to an upscale nightclub in Miama many years ago but I have no idea where it was.

Can anyone give me ideas on an upscale nightclub to go to for a night of fun for some single ladies?

My very good friend is from Miami and I am hanging out with him tomorrow. I will get a good list for you.

The Blue Martini.

I live close to Miami…

Bascially, just go to Ocean Street in South Beach, it’s insane. Space (not actually in s beach) and BED are good fun. BED has massive king size beds all over the place and you just hang out on them, then get up and dance.

As for Ft.Laud…the Hard Rock Casino has a club complex with around 20 clubs/bars etc. Always lots of people there.

She mentioned going to Hard Rock so I’m sure we’ll go there.

Unfortunately she told me today she’s not into going to Miami. She said the night starts late and she doesn’t want to be out until 5 am : (

Ft Lauderdale has a good night life but the only place I’ve been is the complex at Hard Rock. Ft.Laud has become a pretty decent spot because most people North of there don’t want to drive to Miami so they just stop in Ft.Laud.

I’m about an hour north of Miami and I’ll make the drive on occasion simply becuase it’s bannans on South Beach. It’s one of the few justifications for missing sleep!

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aaahhh Amanda…

so you are a single lady now?

With your looks and confidence, you are going to tear it up.

I hope you have fun