Night eating and fat loss

Would a protein shake at 2 am help with fat loss? Or would it hinder it? I thought it about it for a while, but my head started smoking, so I decided to see what you guys think.


Morg, you’re on to something, but let me rephrase it a bit. A middle-of-the-night feeding protects LBM. If you are eating less than maintenance calories, a middle-of-the-night feeding will not interfere with fat loss. And since it protects LBM, and muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, I guess for that reason you could say it promotes fat loss.

I’ve done it in the past and noticed it preserved LBM. I would alternate between a regular whey + water shake or some cottage cheese and a scoop of whey. My goal wasn’t fat loss, so the added CHO’s found in cottage cheese was irrelavent to me (not that it is alot anyways). But yeah, TT know her stuff…;o) Listen to her…!