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Night Club Horror Stories


Coles notes to follow.

So I've got a story about my New Years and figured I'd make a thread about it to see if anyone else had a rough go of it last night or have any noteworthy stories in general.

I work in a Nightclub, one of the busiest in my city. I do Inventory and such, but given new laws regarding Bouncing in Ontario most bars are desperately understaffed when it comes to security. Given that I jump into any altercation I see in order to help protect my staff. It got me nowhere last night.

I was bottled twice, once in the neck and once in the shoulder.

The end result was 10 Stitches, 15 lacerations. 6 hour wait in the hospital and at least 1 night lost work (tonight). The worst of the gashes (3 stitches) was directly over my jugular, but did not nick or sever it (PHEW).

As for the bottling itself, I don't know who did it. 2 random patrons in the bar who I believe were targetting each other and not me because they started fighting each other afterwards and not myself.

Work in a bar
Bottled Twice
6 hour hospital stay, 10 stitches, many wounds, almost severed my jugular.
Happy New years.


your worst cut only required 3 stitches? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak!

EDIT: Glad your ok. Maybe next time leave the bouncing to the bouncers


it says 10 stitches.


10 total stitches... the worst cut required 3.


Yeah but, 10 stitches on the ass -> hilarious.

3 stitches right over the jugular, not so much.


Glad you're OK. Nothing worse than working at an understaffed bar. I was bartending for a bit last year for fun, and ended up jumping in once or twice. No one got bottled, though.


I was once 86'd from The Library (or maybe it was Mother's Tavern) in San Luis Obispo by Chuck Lidell back when he used to bounce around SLO and Santa Barbara... classy moment.

That's all I've got.


It's good you're OK.

I secretly admit I wish I'd get cut sometime so I'd have a cool scar. On the face, going down from the corner of my eye to the edge of my mouth.


I remember reading something about the Mother's Tavern in his book, so it was probably that one.


I got 86'd by Rulon Gardner...in my Father's God son's bar.


I was once 69'd by....



Is "86'd" an American phrase? Because I've never heard that before (in uk). Or maybe it's just because I don't drink so never go to bars.

Anyway worst story I heard was a friends other half in Greece or turkey or somewhere with pretty lax laws, 2 bouncers dragged him to ATM machine and cleaned him out saying if he didn't give them all his money he'd end up like their last victim, who was still lying there in a pool of blood!


I also helped out as security for one night at an under-staffed bar/nightclub when I was a barman.

Within the first 30 seconds some girl came up to me and said - "You're too small to be a bouncer".

I believe I started lifting weights shortly after.


Just remembered something. Didn't happen to me though.

Was in Greece on holiday with my mates for the third year running. The door staff in a few of the local bars were known lunatics. Massive guys, who looked like they should be in the fucking KGB, not manning the door of some dive in Kavos.

One night some kid came belting past us inside the bar, being chased by 2 of the door staff. They caught up with him on the dancefloor and started hitting him with these batons they carried. He managed to get up but in the process of running away, he ran straight THROUGH a pane of glass that was part of the entrance to a different part of the bar.

Needless to say, he was a mess.


To 86 or deep six something, means to throw it overboard into the ocean.


You should file for worker's compensation for your lost time.


I had to work late on New Year's Eve, just the way it is when you work at the Post Office, but anyway, on my way home I passed through South Station, which is the terminus for commuter rail trains serving communities south of Boston. Train service was extended to bring all the drunken revelers home safely. But what struck me was all the women walking around in 8 inch heels! Now I am a huge fan of high heels, stockings and short skirts, but I was amazed that these women would think it would be a good idea to teeter around the city on these mini-stilts, getting tipsy and then try to take a train home. Not that any of that prevented me from enjoying the eye candy. Maybe next year I'll call in sick.


A fat bird stepped back on my foot when I was ordering a drink at the bar once with high heels on and it hurt like the bejesus.I ran out of money later on and had to walk home about 4 miles on it.I found out one of my toes was fractured a few days later.Good times..


Fucking new years, thats why I stay home with the family, I have a much better time and all the idiots and rookies can go out spend 200 bucks to get a glass of shitty champagne, start a fight and spend new years with people you dont care about.


If not for the fact of the cut over my jugular I would not have waited 6 hours for the other 7 stitches. That one had me rattled.

Problem with this is A- I would only receive a portion of my hours, which is negligible money. B- My owners are big fans of the bottom line. Paying out an injured staff member probably wouldn't be looked upon with much pleasure. I wouldn't be surprised to find myself let go a month later due to a "unrelated" mistake.