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Night Calf Pain


Didnt know where to post this, so I posted here

Sometimes around 3-4 am in the night I wake up with an intense pain in one my calf (before it was my entire leg), like if it was really numb or dull (is it how you say it? engourdi). It last about 10 seconds. then it goes away. I usually scream. It is freaky as hell when someone start screaming randomly in the night. I wont go see a doctor for that so I wondered if anyone had an idea what it could be



eat a banana before bed


potassium, anyone?


I've had the same exact thing. I thought I was the only person who got these types of cramps, since no one I know has experienced this. But yeah, it usually lasts around ten or fifteen seconds, and the pain is just excruciating.


so potassium and a banana

can someone elaborate


banana has potassium in it, decreased K can cause your cramping problem, that or dehydration.


Drink more water, eat some bananas and then do a calf stretch before bed.


Potassium will probably help if your deficient in it, but the thing that helped me the most as I used to get these a LOT (I had to get out of bed and walk around) is foam rolling and stretching. Use a lacrosse ball and foam roller and just hammer your calves, Achilles tendon, and peroneals. Also roll the bottom of your feet with the lacrosse ball. Then stretch out 'dem calves.


I have never seen a single bit of evidence that suggests that potassium status helps combat nocturnal leg cramps. Really, stretching and just rubbing the area a bit are the best things you can do.

Most cases go undiagnosed. They can be the result of neurological disorders or a side effect of some prescription drugs.. so if you are on any prescription medication or have a family history of neurological problems, talk to your doc (even though you said you wouldn't) to see if this could be the case.


This happened to me and a lot of other guys in boot camp, and solely in boot camp. I just started to eat more salt which solved it for me. I was already pretty well hydrated. But I'd say its either your salt or water intake, if your piss isn't clear, its probably your water.


Oh man, this used to happen to me daily in high school. Usually after football practice. It's never happened again after i started stretching my calves in the morning and at night. Been a couple years now. I know i just jinxed myself and will wake up screaming tonight due to calf cramp... Shit!


I've never in my entire life had a calf cramp at night.
Though I do wake up at around that same time with a ferocious boner every night.