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Night and Day meltaway!

I’ve done some looking around on the web and it certainly seems that Sodium Usinate has become quite popular. As a matter of fact, it is the #3 most selling supplement on 1fast400. So what’s the deal? Is this stuff really that bad for you or not?

Read my post. The jury’s still out. Definately Brock Strasser was being a bit sensationalistic and premature with his article a few years back. However I would treat it with severe caution for the reasons mentioned. Plenty of other good weight loss aids out there. SRS

I did see your post, but I was looking for a better answer than “the jury is still out”. Also, Brock’s article was about Usnic Acid. How is this compound different from Sodium Usinate? Doesn’t the salt have better absorption? Also, do they behave in exactly the same was once “absorbed”?

The reason Sodium Usniate was considered harmful is because of the uncoupling. What this does is that if you are suceptible to allergic reactions they will be amplified with the sodium usniate. Lipokinetix was banned because of the sodium usniate and not because of the diiodothyronine. It caused rashes as well as breakouts in odd places with some because of the allergic reactions. I read that some people found out their allergic reactions to certain things because of the use of lipokinetix as it finally or it amplified the affects which finally became visible to a point that a doctor check was necessary.

So, basically if you have allergic reactions to certain things you will have to take extreme caution when around those items. My roomate is allergic to all tommatoes, he did not have any signs of the related side effects.