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Night and Day meltaway!

My roomate is a soon to be professional athlete and for that reason I am constantly working on his nutrition, supplementation, and lifting. I assist him in every possible way. Recently he has encoutered a weight management problem in which he has become more attracted in cosmetic purposes instead of performance increases. So, lately Ive been researching everything possible for weight loss and fat burning techniques, ideas, philosophies, and of course CHEMICALS! Well, I will share something that helped him loose 9lbs. of fat from 8% to 5.7% in a matter of exactly two weeks. I put this together for him after a month of research(hours a day).
So, here it is:

Day time:
Caffeine 100mg
Ephedra hcl 25mg
Bioperine 5mg
r-ALA 100mg
Chromium Histidinate 200mcg
7-Keto DHEA 50mg
Coleous Forskohlii 20mg(active)
Sodium Usniate 100mg
green tea extract 300mg 90%Polyphenols;70%catechins
Syneprine 20mg
Yohimbe hcl 5mg
taken upon arising, then again before lunch. He trains at 6pm which before workouts he uses 4-cyclodiol 25mg with 25mg of 1r2s norephedrine.

right before bedtime he took:
Yohimbe hcl 5mg
Guggulsterones 40mg
sodium usniate 200mg
L-Tyrosine 500mg
5-HTP 50mg

Well, there you have it. I got the raw materials from three different suppliers. Yes, it was a lot of pills but it was very accurate this way. If anyone is interested just let me know and I’ll give you the addy for the supplement stores.

Oh, Diet was very simple he eats like an athlete so we simply just subtracted 500 calories from maintance. This worked, and took ten lbs. of fat in exactly 2 weeks.

Bullshit. Unless your professional athlete friend is a 400lb morbidly obese woman, im gonna have to call bullshit. As a side note, why are you spending hours of your own time to do something for your buddy when he could easily do it himself?

Dirk, I appreciate the fact that you spent considerable time researching supplements that complement and promote fat loss. There’s no doubt about it, there are some excellent choices on the list. But here’s the problem I have. To lose 10 pounds of fat, you have to create a deficit 35,000 calories. One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, right? That deficit would have to be created by reducing calories or by increasing activity. You’re saying you created a 500 calorie/day food deficit, which for the two weeks is 7,000 of the 35,000 needed to lose 10 pounds of fat, which by inference implies that the supplements you listed upregulated his metabolism by 14,000 calories per week. I don’t think so.

My heartfelt belief – and this from an acknowledged supplementaholic – is that the single most important factor in weight/fat loss is diet. All the supplements in the world won’t help you lose weight if your diet isn’t right, “dialed in,” as we tend to say on the forum.

I’m guessing the Sodium Usinate played the biggest factor. It’s an extremly potent fat burner. Also quite toxic and dangerous. Check out Brocks article on Usnic Acid. The two are essentially the same with the Sodium Usinate having a higher bio-availability.

My apologies fellas, the weight was actually a 5lb. measure. I apologize. I kid you not that he lost 5lbs. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote 10lbs.

Anyways, Im not here to prove it to you guys. Just giving you guys some suggestions for those interested. If you like it? try it. If you don’t? then ignore it. These are experiences, just thought some could benefit from it.

antny, sorry to burst your bubble and piss you off like that. Like I said the 10 was my mistake but the five lbs. is for real. Other than that save your energy and take this post for what it’s worth. If nothing? cool, but leave your remarks, if there going to be ignorant, to yourself.

Great call on the sodium usniate, Stumpy. Pretty darn scary stuff. www.testosterone.net/html/body_84suppl.html

Just, check some of the supplements they might be banned for the sport that he is playing.

Yes, Tampa-Terry! I have read about the Sodium Usniate and it’s bad side effects. But, I also read it was only seen to react bad on people with high allergic reactions… My roomie has none, so it was taken with low risks.

FItone, yes I checked. MMA has very good rules about supplementation and therefore none are banned that are on the list.

There are 2 reasons why most people don’t use the “shotgun” approach straight off the bat:

  1. The cost- how much was all of this stuff per day?
  2. The fact that you STILL have no idea if these compounds had any influence (and how much did EACH contribute?) to the weight loss seen.

Have you had a body comp done? How much did he lose in water?

More importantly, how much would your friend have lost by simply reducing the calories, and upping the activity (as I am sure he probably did)? We will never know…

As far as the Usnic acid is concerned, I think that Brock was maybe a little over the top a few years ago.- Indeed Usnic acid has been touted as everything from an antibiotic, antiviral, anti- cancer agent, to the weight loss stuff. However the jury’s still out as to it’s toxicity (at recommended levels) and it’s dieting applications/effectiveness.

One would however consider something that has been applied to the killing of cancerous cells to be pretty potent.(it attacks DNA formation). I myself do not know what a “safe” dose would be. But I would not currently consider it without professional medical guidance.

To Stumpy- do you have any science to back your statement about the potency of this substance in fat loss? I have ONLY heard anecdotal.


I do not think my statements were ignorant, if I agreed with you they would have been. Callous yes, ignorant no. BUT 5lbs is a little more of a resonable claim, you didnt state how much muscle was lost though, that would be a big factor in whether someone tries your protocol. Ill do some research on sodium usunic and may give this stack a try this spring when I cut. As I am always looking for the best/easiest way ot cut poundages, but for now I am off to eat a couple of lbs of steak.

I totally agree with the questioning as I would do so myself. Body compositions were made before the stack started and was planned to do so at the end of every two weeks. This stack was originally planned to be done for one month.

Here were the initial stats: BW - 196.5 on a digital scale. BF was 9.3% with skinfold 7 site test.
ending results were 191.3 lbs. with a 7%BF reading.
So, in two weeks he lost exactly 5.2lbs. of body weight and a total of 2.3% in BF. I have not done the math yet as all this was done about 24hours ago. So, if you catch something controversial just write it and I’ll try to give you more info to appreciate the results.

as for training he’s been doing Christians OVT program with sprints on Mon., weds., and friday(6x100m 85%, 4x50m 95%) on tuesday, thursday, and saturday he jogs two miles upon awakening. He lifts on M,T,Th,and friday at 6pm. He was two weeks into this routine and stayed with it for two more weeks with the stack during those last two weeks. Nutrition was 5000calories for first two weeks, 4500 last two weeks with a breakdown of 45%carbs.30%protein.25%fat(25g fishoil every night). Carbs were low glycemic and fruits. Protein mostly white sources, cottage cheese like no other, and LC Grow. Fats were mostly from natural peanut butter, extra virgin olive oil, and fish oil. We used fitday.com to track most of his eating habits, and mostly numbers were manually done as we kept same portions and food through out the month. He also had one cheat meal a week on sundays which was usually a breakfast brunch buffet, and pizza one time. Well, that’s plenty of info for you guys to play with.

I’d be interested in the addresses of the supplement stores. Are the retail or bulk, and if they’re bulk, what did you measure with? Caps or powder?

And I’D still be interested to hear how much it cost you in supps to take 5lbs of fat off in 2w.

Penny pinching SRS.

You needed all those supps to loose 5lbs in two weeks?!?!. Even housewife diets expect to loose two pounds a week. While all those supps. would help on a extended diet, surly an increase in exercise intensity and duration with a little calorie trimming would yield the same results.

Great progress! But do you realize that your roommate just made you his bitch??? LOL!

Nate…you crack me up, bro. Man, did I ever miss you, champ. What a guy, a true class act. We get a whole lotta flavors in here, Nate, but you’re truly one of a kind. I think that your literary allusion techniques (i.e. your use of bold, italics, underline, etc) really brings out the color. How do you do that!

how much did this cost on a weekly basis in supplementation?

Bro, you have to learn how to use some basic HTML in order to emphasize certain words and phrases to help bring out the meaning behind it all. Just learn some basic tags in order to pull off the bolding, underlining, paragraph marks and italics!

Besides, I couldn’t resist this one. Man, if someone was doing this for me, he or she would definitely be my bitch! I mean, c’mon! This is his roommate. It’s not like this guy is a professional athlete and the roommate is a certified nutritionist or something. That spells B-I-T-C-H! LOL! But it’s all in good-natured fun! You have to have a sense of humor on these forums. Otherwise, what fun is it?

That’s Quality, Nate, Quality. You’re all about the F-U-N, baby! I’m all about throwing in a solid dose of humor too, bro. So keep at it…it adds some color!

Very good Nate, yes if it was not meant to me I would be busting up right now. But, instead I have a big frown in anger. Nonetheless, funny.
Well, I did not do this solely for him, as I thoroughly enjoy researching such things and spend a lot of quality time at work doing so. The idea to put this together arose when I discovered Sodium Usniate and thought it would be interesting to make my own formula with everything I needed. So, my curiosity was cured.

No shit that the weight could have been lost with more work, tons less calories, fad diets, and other techniques. The use for this fomula was partly in wealth of cash and interest.
Remember this weight loss came a a barely 500 calorie deficit from maintance and no change in activity.

The price for all the supplements was definatly not cheap but it will last for quite some time, I also found a ton of deals on EBAY. The other stores are 1fast400, kilosports, dpsnutrition. That’s it. In a way despite this sounding kind of bastardish I bitched my roomate as he accepted to be a guinea pig to my curiosity for the formula. His cash too. It was all for his benefit though. He is back on this week, but I will not post results as it will do nothing positive for anyone on here.