Niggling Hamstring Ligament

Hi all,

My outer hamstring ligament behind my knee is niggling, the one on the outside of the leg.

I wondered if you guys could recommend stretches & exercises to help with that & when to do them (pre & post workout).

Currently I just do standard ham stretches - heel on a low table, reaching forward & putting my hands on my shin. Also, I only stretch quads & calves with basic stretches at the moment too, so my lower limb flexibility probably isn’t great.

I’m working on conditioning & cardio at the minute - with weighted vest fast walking (4.5 miles per hour for one hour), and it’s very hilly around here. Ideally I don’t want to cut back on that - not least of all because I have 2 Young greyhounds who need that much fast walking every day!

All advice appreciated :slight_smile: