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Nigel Farage Destroys Euro Supporters


I do not know much about this man, but I like what he has to say here.



As far as the british political and economic climate goes, they're right for not wanting to join the E.U.

Their problems are huge as they are without adding european woes to the equasion.

John, why do you still take a politician's word on these subjects?


The E.U. is a failure. The Euro is a failure. Globalization is a failure. Let's end it.


I agree about the EU, it makes europa less democratic, by taking our power and giving it away to markedliberalist bureacrats in brussel. I`m glad my country still isnt a member of EU.

when its comes to euro, I dont care is just valuta, if it doesnt work some other valuta will take its place.

about gobalization: How can you end a process that no human has direct control over? ps. what do you meen with globalization btw? haha..


I do know. Nigel Farage is a piece of shit. He is one of the most corrupt of all the British politicians, which is saying a lot. His party UKIP is a shill for the same puppet masters who owned nuliebour and now own the present Con/Dem government.

Daniel Hannan (Conservative) gave Gordon brown a similar tongue lashing a few years ago and people got all excited to vote conservative. But look at what happened when the conservatives got elected, it was more of the same.

UKIP is what they call a pressure relief party. It provides a place for euro-skeptic Tories to go where their vote can be safely sequestered away from a party that will actually do something. ie the BNP. If you listen to the end of that video Farage ends his rant by attacking nationalist parties saying they will bring violence.

Farage is just a piece of shit, because he is saying what people want to hear, when he has no intention of acting on any of it. ie At the last European election one of the UKIP candidates was an Argentinian woman, who did not even live in Britain, she lived in Spain. Without the EU she would not be eligible for a job that pays over a quarter of a million pounds a year. Where is her incentive to get Britain out of the EU?