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Nicotine For Fat Loss



What is your take on this?


Nothing really suprising here I guess.

Nicotine gum in itself would not be as damaging as the previous delivery method.

One could probably go to a doctor and say they needed to stop smoking and can't.

I'd probably try to get the patch instead of the gum, and have a slower, less cigarette type of nicotine absorption. Which is believed to be what induces addiction. You could probably still derive good benefits from increased thermogenic effects without the high concentration peaks considering the 2 mg nicotine dose did not have significant benefits over the 1 mg dose.



I wonder whether the increased risk of mortality from the patch or gum would at any point be outweighed by the lowering of risk associated with obesity for fat asses.


Here's a brilliant idea. Stop eating shit food, and do some exercise.

seriously, I'm sure I could promote chemo or heroin as fat loss aids and people would jump on board.


yah, everyone is always looking for that magic pill, so they can stay on the couch, watch tv, eat their potatoe chips, yet still loose weight.


Sadly, it's called the "American Way". Can't forget 8 minutes abs!


No magic pill or in this case gum but I was kickin the idea around once you get down to say 8% or lower and your trying to get that last bit... No easy way...


If it was easy, we would all look like me :slightly_smiling: