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Nicotine Chewing Gum

Per some clever T-mag ideas just started trying this (I don’t smoke, never have)… Supposed to increase Leptin levels, krank up the metabolism,etc - so what the hell… Why not?

Anybody else try this?

If you want to get cancer in your mouth and start to develop a nicotine addiction, keep chewing it.

Choad, Nicotine is harmless, addicting, but harmless. You don’t get cancer of any kind from your friend (and mine) Mr. Nicotine.

I agree with your answer as far as cancer goes - don´t blame nicotine.
However nicotine appears to be catabolic due to an increase in cortisol levels and this along with a reduction in insulin sensitivity and the addiction makes it a poor choice as a dieting drug IMO. If you want to use it make sure to be properly protected (not condoms) with anti-catabolic supplements and/or steroids. It does increase metabolic rate and decrease appetite that´s for sure.

Par mentioned he tried it on a 2 on 1 off basis (i think that was how he did it) and said he started getting cravings for it on his off days.

I agree with 2 on 2 off - it seems the jury is still out with me. I started it this weekend and, I believe coincidentally came down with a hell of a cold (any cold is a hell of a cold for me as I haven’t been sick in 12 years). Once again I don’t believe Nicorrette will make you “sick” but it sure has a “queasy” quality to it. 4mg (2 pieces per day) is all I’m going to experiment with at the moment in a 2 on 2 off fashion. I may move to a patch later depending on how this experiment goes.

Catabolic??? Who says Nicotine is catabolic? I couldn’t find any info that it has a negative effect on cortisol levels/etc… Help me with this?

Ya know, Dan Duchaine brought this idea up a few years ago in an iron man article and in typicall Duchaine style just sort of left it hanging. I don’t have the article but I think he said something about nicotine increasing release of HGH. I swear, that guy was brilliant but he changed subjects in his articles so quickly it would make my head spin. He’d through a totally intriguing idea out there and then just switch to something else. I’ve always wondered when somebody would pick up this ball (nicotine) and run with it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread…

I’ve been dipping (chewing Skoal for those unfamiliar with the terminology) on and off for 10 years now. I know I should quit but it’s SO DAMN HARD. Anyhoo, you all would have to chew about 10 pieces of 4 mg Nicorette per day to get the nicotine in your system that I get on a daily basis, and let me tell you: I find no difference whether I have nicotine in my system or not. There have been pockets where I’ve stopped for 4 or 5 months and felt absolutely no difference in my metabolism.

One more word of caution: If you can help it, DON’T PUT THE MOST ADDICTIVE DRUG ON THE PLANET INTO YOUR SYSTEM for such shallow reasons. I BEG you not to do it. Nicotine is not only addictive, but you’ll find you need more and more of the sh*t if you keep using it. TRUST ME ON THIS. Find something else for your metabolism.

Nicotine in and of itself is harmless in that it won’t kill you, but it one of the most addictive substances on the face of the earth. Pretty recent research shows it permanently alters brain chemistry (big long neuropsych lecture is involved here but trust me) and what’s worse is that the permanent change is such that nicotine effectively primes receptors for other stimulants. So no, that doesn’t mean you’ll turn into a zombie seeking other ways to become cross-addicted, but whereas before you could drink coffee or Coke or use other stimulants without a problem, you might well find you become addicted to them. Fun fact: people who took Ritalin in childhood are way more likely to be smokers or to use cocaine or other stimulants compared to a group matched on every possible other characteristic you could think of. Spit out the gum.

Still, despite all the consumer warnings I’m going with a 4 day on, 3 day off protocol at 8-12mg of gum per day. I don’t plan to esculate this any nor have I noticed any addictive effects as of yet. I’m going to try this for the next month and then drop it during my bulking cycle. I will say it gives you an “unusual feeling” - sort of hyper yet more relaxed and not as intense as ECA.

Week 1 Report: Good energy levels, some trouble sleeping though… 0 reliance on ECA and caffeine - it’s like I don’t even give a shit about other stimulants anymore! Anyway, so far so good!

Jim, I’m currently 10 weeks into a cutting cycle and have been relying on ECA stack. I kept toying with the idea of using nicotine patch only at nite to increase nocturnal growth hormone release as I’ve read studies that smokers have higher HGH and that is one of the reasons so many smokers gain weight when quiting is because of decreased HGH and resulting slower metabolism. I thought the increased HGH resulting from the nicotine could help fat burning. Anyway, I haven’t tried it yet. My question now is, I’ve been on ECA for 10 weeks and will stay on for another 2-3 weeks. When I quit ECA, I know I’ll have a system crash and feel like shit for a few weeks. Would nicotine patch or gum be of any value in weaning off the ECA without going stimulent free cold turkey and resulting system crash. From your current experience, would nicotine be of any value to ease off the ECA?

Yep - tremendous value in weaning of ECA… At least that’s what happened to me without even trying. I have 0 desire for ECA and have been dependant on it for a while - post cycle my energy sucks not to mention I’m low carbing it during the week. I’m amazed, at 3 pieces (12mg) per day I have 0 need for ECA - my energy is higher, it’s almost like a high I would get when I was younger (I guess just from being younger).

If you guys think nicotine doesn’t cause cancer, then you’re setting yourselves up for a trip to the hospital. I’m not trying to be a dick, it’s just that getting cancer sucks.

My reasoning:
Some scientists confirmed, with a variety of test-tube experiments, that human enzymes could be used in the laboratory to produce aminoketone from nicotine.

Aminoketone contributes directly to the formation of NNK, a tobacco-specific cause of lung cancer, according to the report in the October 24th issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Quote from Choad: “…variety of test-tube experiments, that human enzymes could be used in the laboratory to produce aminoketone from nicotine. Aminoketone contributes directly to the formation of NNK, a tobacco-specific cause of lung cancer…”

Response: What??? Test tube? No, sorry but I could do a In Vitro study on farts, trapping th nasty fumes in a tube along with some animal cells and find a way to show a cancer relationship. This is vague and reminds of all the great Aspartame brain tumor studies as far as credibility. Not to flame you but I’ll chew my gum, thankyou (I’m chewing a piece now with you in mind)…

Choad, though I understand your concern when the topic turns to nicotine as nicotine use is a highly emotional issue, I don’t belive the supplemental use of nicotine gum or patch, when used for a month or 2 will have any risk of adverse health effects any more so than any number of other supps, for instance ephedra, etc. The cancer risk is for smokers and chewers and it takes a liftime of use for problems to develope. Most tobacco users use tobacco for 30-40 years before problems arise. And with tobacco users, it isn’t just the nicotine but 100’s of other toxic substances in the smoke. And I’m not worried about getting addicted to a nicotine patch or gum. In fact 20 years ago when I was much younger, (I’m 44 now) I would occasionally both chew and smoke cigars (I hated cigarettes but didn’t mind cigars where I didn’t have to inhale) when around others that also chewed or smoked cigars in social situations on occasion but never developed a addiction for them and haven’t done either in probably 15 years and have no desire or cravings for them now. The supplemental use of nicotine patch or gum for month or 2, though benefit unproven, can not be compared to starting a life time addiction habit to smoking or chewing. You’re trying to compare apples to oranges. The comparisons not there. And from my research, there could be a benefit used as short cycle supplement just as any other number of supplements. Keep us updated Jim.

Wanted to make 1 last comment on the reference to mouth cancer from chewing nicotine gum. Mouth cancer from chewing tobacco is from putting the wad of tobacco between the cheek and gum and letting it sit there for hours and hours many times a day where the gum tissue becomes irratated and abnormal from this constant contact with the tobacco and all the many bad substances in the tobacco. Putting a wad of chew between your lip and gum is not the same as chewing a stick of gum. Chewing a stick of nicotine gum 3 times a day for a month or 2 is no more likely to cause mouth cancer than chewing juicy fruit. Your statements are emotional and have no comparison or facts to support them. We appreciate your concerns, however.

It’s the irritation in chewing tobacco that causes the cancer, not the nicotine.

Nicotine gum in and of itself won’t cause that problem.