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Greg Zulak once mentioned using Nicorette the last few weeks before a show, claiming that it will make you burn off even more fat. Has anyone tried this? I am not sure about this, and I would feel like a loser buying it, it’s bad enough having to buy Preparation H for my lower back!!!

I’d avoid nicotine at all costs.

NEVER Tempt the Devil himself…Nicotine is far too addictive for the returns.

I would try crack. I heard it’s even better for weight loss than nicotine.

Well, that would be nice. I just quit smoking and I’ve bought like a 1000 packs of nicotine gum.

Even if I only took it for 2 weeks? I used to smoke too, back in my “bad girl” days, but that was like 8 years ago.

Get skoal bandits. much cheaper.

Seriously, for two weeks? How much extra fat do you think that nicorette will help you burn in two weeks? You used to smoke and you say “even just for two weeks”? You should definitely know better than to touch any form of nicotine. You’ll be spending $5-10 a day of your supplement money on smokes in no time. Stay away from that crap.

Wait a minute! Smoking is bad for me? Why the hell didn’t someone tell me? Son-of-a-bitch…

I remember reading something about nicorette for fat burning, I “think” it had to do w/after the ECA stack stops working but I “think” what I read was by duchaine(sp?) I don’t want to give any bad info to ya’ because I don’t realy remember the article (if I find it I’ll post what it said). maybe someone on staff can give you an answer :frowning:

I’m not sure what else, but I believe you are not supposed to take it with MAO inhibitors

Thanks for trying to help!