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Nick's Video Log

What’s up everyone? The name is Nick. I’m 17 yrs old and creating a log to keep track of workouts and work towards my goals. I joined up at my local gym June last year so I’ve been training for 16 months. I started off 6’ 135lbs and since then have gained about 50lbs of body weight. My current bf% is around 12% give or take, I still can see my top fours abs. I could careless though about maintaining bf% because I’m trying to gain 40lbs BW. Long term I would like to be competing at 220/242 in PL so aesthetics really has no meaning to me. I will be posting videos on the regular of my lifts, I won’t always have them all, but I’ll get what I feel is relevant.

Height: 6’1
BW: 182

Current PR’s:

Front Squat: 240x1 (started a month back)
Back Squat: 295x3
Bench Press: 185x5
Deadlift: 375x1
Push Press: 155x5

My Routine

Texas Method

Day 1

Back Squat - 5x5
Bench Press - 5x5
BB Rows - 3x5-8

Day 3

Deadlift - Work up to a set of 3-5 reps
Light Bench or Push Press - 3x5
Front Squats - 3x5
Extra Back Work

Day 5

Back Squat - Work up to a new PR
Bench Press - Work up to a new PR
BB Rows - 3x5-8
MAYBE some arms