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Nick's Training Log


What's up guy's? My name's Nick and I've been training for 26 months. I've been squatting and Deadlifting for about 20 months. I got started off in the wrong direction at 130lbs BW at 6' but I gained a ton of weight from my massive increase in caloric intake. That was one of the only thing I did right when I first started.

Nowadays I walk around at 198 at a little over 6' tall and if I had to guess I'm about 10-11%bf. I just started a heavy bulk to get to 225 BW to compete in the 220lb class and eventually I'll work up to the 242 in time.

Here's some PR's in the gym

DL: 515 x 2 Belt Only
BP: 245 x 2
BS: 405 x 3 Belt Only
FS: 325 x 2
MP: 150 x 6

Right now I'm really working on my bench press since that's big weakness. I had surgery because I tore some crap in my rotators cuff a long time ago from pitching in baseball. Now that I'm not feeling any negative effects from it I'm working on increasing frequency and work capacity to have my bench press quickly move.

Here was today's workout,

8/26/13 sets x reps

Bench Press - 2 second pause
200 x 8 x 2

Deficit Pull - 2"
315 x 1
405 x 3 Add belt
425 x 3

Assistance work

HS high Row
180 x 15
270 x 10
180 x 15

4 sets of facepulls w/ rope

Warm-ups aren't shown.