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Nick's STH Log

I will be following Joel Marions Stripped Down Hypertrophy program. http://www.T-Nation.com/article/bodybuilding/stripped_down_hypertrophy&cr=bodybuilding

I am 6’, 190lbs. At my heaviest I was 217, now I hope to be that weight again by next summer with a lot more muscle this time. For this summer I’m not too sure what to do, it’s too late to bulk before beach season and I don’t have a ton of muscle mass to warrant a complete cut. I think I’m just going to lift heavy and eat clean and see what happens.

The workout:

Group 1 - Alternate 5x5/4x10
A1 - Bench
A2 - BB Row
B - Lunges

Group 2 - Alternate 5x5/4x10
A1 - Dips
A2 - Pullups (I have to use palms facing grip, my gym doesn’t have a straight bar)
B - Deadlift

The diet(usually):

Breakfast: 4eggs hardboiled or scrambled, whole wheat toastx2, fruit(usually a banana/apple) and 2-4 caps Flameout. If I don’t have time to make this I’ll have a shake with 2 scoops Grow!, 1-2 scoops Superfood and 2tbsp milled flax.
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Varies. Chicken breast/broccoli if I bring it with me, or I’ll order a grilled chicken garden salad with extra chicken
Snack: Almonds
Supper: Varies
Bedtime Snack: 2 scoops MD, 1-2 scoops Superfood, 2tbsp milled flax (Sometimes with blueberries)

I work as an installer for a cable company installing tv/internet/phone lines so I drive around the city all day. I eat when I can and go to the gym when I can. I am getting a new job starting at the end of the month where I’m only working 8-4. I will most likely keep my current job part time since it pays well and work just evenings and saturdays.

Monday’s Workout

Group 1 - 4x10
Bench: 1x15(95), 4x10(115)
Row: 1x10(95), 4x10(115)
Lunge: 4x10(35)

Group2 - 5x5
Dip: 5x5
Pullups: 2x5, 2x4, 1x3
Deadlift: 1x10(75), 1x5(115), 5x5(135)

Tuesday’s Workout

Group 1 - 5x5
Bench: 1x15(95), 1x5(135), 1x5(155), 1x5(145), 2x5(135)
Row: 1x15(75), 1x5(115), 4x5(135)
Lunge: 1x10(40), 2x5(30), 2x5(20) - Screwed my right knee somehow - could barely bend it

Group 2 - 4x10
Dip: 1x10, 1x5, 2x7
Pullups: 2x5, 1x4, 1x2
Deadlift: 1x10(95), 3x10(115), 1x9(115)