Nickel-Free Needles?

Do any of you use nickel free needles, if so where do you buy them?

Almost all are made of stainless steel. I believe it is almost always 304 stainless. 304 is generally around 10% nickel.

IDK, how you would find nickel free needles TBH.

Do you react poorly to nickel? It is a short duration, so I would be too concerned about it. It isn’t like a piercing where it is in all the time.

Oh okay I guess I’m allergic to Nickel, yeah that’s a weird one. Thank you

You are correct

@Junior603 how bad is your allergy to nickel? If it’s mild, you might just have a small bump; if it’s not mild - you may have some issues with injections. I did some digging and couldn’t find anything for nickel free hypodermic needles… good luck man, I hope you find what you need.

I’m actually allergic to nickel. I’ve had many allergic reactions on my skin, usually when I sweat in combination with contacting nickel. If I were to, say, fall asleep laying on a coin (this has happened), I’ll have a rash for weeks. I can’t wear watches that have a stainless steel back. Etc.

I have no issue with standard, stainless needles.

I get a small bump it don’t last, my hands are getting like eczema. I also noticed I itch around injection site.

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Oh so you can use regular needles?

your hands should not be contacting the needle, my man. That’s another issue entirely. Your hands should only touch the plastic part, not the metal tip. This sounds like something else is going on with your skin.

that’s normal.

Also not a thing I’d worry about. This happens to me sometimes, usually not for long.

Also something to consider: an allergy to the oil in your test. Some people have allergies to various oils used in the production of steroids, and this can be particularly problematic if your source isn’t the cleanest.

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I was using mtc oil and went to a different source that uses grapeseed oil which I find is better.

uhh yeah, please don’t touch the sharp end @Junior603 lol

Ha ha

I was thinking if I’m allergic to nickel that the rash on hands is the side effects of the nickel. I’m just getting myself worked up ha ha. Thank you everyone

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May be worth a read…

Thank you

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