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Nick from Big Brother


Is it just me or is his legs out of proportion to his upper body?


You watch that crap?

Sorry, I just had too.


Way to go RSGZ .. Good first response


Yeah I watch that crap, It's the only thing that my wife and I can agree to watch together. Let's not turn this into a "dogpile". Go be a smart ass somewhere else.


Let me guess, the "agreement" went something like this:

NvrTooLate: "Honey, they're showing Die Hard on TV, can I watch it?"

Mrs. NvrTooLate: "Hell no! We're watching Big Brother bitch."


Not even I watch that crap.... and I watched The Bachelorette.


No more like;
Mr NvrTooLate:Can I watch die hard?
Mrs NvrTooLate:No!!! we're watching big brother.
Mr NvrTooLate:Ok...

Notice how hes to scared to argue back?
NvrTooLate does she abuse you if she dont get her way?lol!


I bet you masturbate to Bridezilla ... don't lie


WRONG - the correct show is Say Yes to the Dress.

How could you get that mixed up?


That dogpile of shit is still on the air?


Sorry, your windows are dirty and I couldn't quite make out exactly what show you were watching...


Excuse me? I take pride in my CLEAN windows. It must be your eyes..... get some glasses.


This really doesn't make the 2009 crowd look any better...


Well, I know it was your house, I watched you from leave from the bushes across the street

but it could've been the lingering effects of the mace sprayed in my eyes from earlier....


LOL, hopefully that will teach you to stalk one girl at a time.


Sorry, I should clarify, the mace was from a different girl from earlier ... that shit stings!!


I have mace. So beware. Creeper


Oh, I'm quakin' in my boots because I feel so threatened from some limey on the internet.

Sosruko's Mom: (garbled speech because she's has a mouthfull of NvrTooLate's cum in her Mouth) I'll translate, Sosruko come up out of that basement and eat your dinner.

Sosruko: Aw Mom! I'm too busy being an asshole on T-Nation!

Sosruko's Mom: o.k., you can eat your dinner later after you shave my back.


I lol'ed!


haha, nice

Anyway... no idea what you're talking about with big brother. I can't only assume that, YES, his legs are out of proportion.