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Nick Diaz Calling Out Anderson Silva



What is this guy thinking? Anderson is bigger, stronger and faster than anyone hes ever fought. Not to mention the most versatile striker in the game. Im reading on MMA forums how so many people think Nick's super aggressive style would catch Anderson off guard and i just cant believe some of the ways people are rationalizing this way of thinking.

Condit handily outstruck him and proved too difficult for Diaz to corner or pin against the cage and really unload on. And we know he doesnt win by landing one or two punches on a moving target....

Leben employed a super aggressive standup game against Silva when they fought and, well.....you know the rest.

I found this article and it basically says everything i want to say about this fight;


What are some other peoples opinions on this? Anyone think he actually has a chance?


Woah, I know both Leben and Nick are aggressive and plod forward, but is a comparison really valid? Leben waded into the killzone and was for the most part unskilled. Nick has WAY more striking acumen and has a neat bag of tricks. He also has one heck of a chin, though, hey, so did Leben.

If this fight does happen, I'm buying that card just for the sheer spectacle. But yeah Anderson is cracking that skull, hahah.

Nick's not gonna get this fight though, not by long shot. Between the suspension and the 3-4 contenders clamoring for a shot, too much against him.


If you can't beat Condit at Welter, I don't think you even get a shot at Silva at Middle. But I'd pay for the fight, just to see the beating.


IMO he should beat Bisping, Belcher or Weidman before getting the shot and I don't see him beating any of those. Fight against Silva would be spectacular though, perfect addition to Silva's highlight reel. If Condit can outstrike him without a problem, Silva should be able to make a complete fool out of Nick in a way he probably couldn't against any of MWs top contenders.


Fucking let him have it

We'll see Diaz get starched and then maybe we don't have to put up with the endless drones of brotards wanking about diaz's supposedly overwhelming standup (so good at standup that if your opponent chooses not to stand in front of you like a heavy bag he's a "pussy") and his supposed toughness built in the ghetto.


This fight would be too sweet on every level imaginable. Just give Anderson about 3 months to stop laughing before the fight starts.


It's combat sports, so on any given night anyone has a chance against anyone else. But, realistically I'd say if they fought 100 times Silva would win at least 90 of them. Styles do make fights though, so it's not entirely true to say that that because Diaz lost to Condit that he would automatically lose to someone else. That said, I don't think Diaz's style would give Anderson trouble, nor do I think he has done anything lately to deserve even getting a shot at it.


That's a joke, right? If they fought 100 times Silva would win all 100 in less than 5 minutes combined. All this is is loudmouth Diaz drawing attention to himself and trying to stay relevant. As much as I like Fedor, I think Silva has taken [or is in the process of taking] his throne as GOAT. The only guy I think that has even a remote chance against him is Belfort, provided he can center himself and not come out like an angry teenager. Diaz would get murdered here.


Haha Diaz must've been on drugs when saying this. Anyway, it'd be an entertaining fight to watch.

I'll be sipping on champagne while witnessing Anderson ripping Diaz apart.


Diaz would get worked. End of Story.



War diaz 209

Silva would get power Guillotined

U mad?


Seriously though, who cares if Diaz gets smashed, the reason people love him is his don't give a shit attitude, his eagerness to fight anyone and while he probably wont win I would kill to see the two of them fight.

I think Nick would need to get it to the ground and fast.


Actually no it's not a joke. Over the course of 100 fights there are bound to be some lucky punches, some freak accidental injuries to either fighter, uncharacteristic mistakes, illness/sickness related drops in performance, etc... We're talking about 100 fights here between 2 professional game fighters. You can count on your fingers the number of MMA fighters who have fought 100 professional fights. Like I said, I think Anderson wins at least 90 of them, but there are too many uncontrollable variables to say that he would automatically win all 100. Just my opinion though.


you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do



Yeah, we both have pretty much the same view on this it seems.


Diaz losing to Condit decisively basically does automatically mean he would lose to Silva. Diaz lost to Condit because he struggled with Condits dynamic striking, movement and range. Anderson Silva blows Condit away in every department there, and then you also add in that hes way fucking bigger and stronger too, Diaz just doesnt have a chance. I wont even give him a punchers chance because Diaz is a pillow puncher, which is why he has to overwhelm his opponents with dozens if not hundreds of strikes, and Anderson's chin is granite.

Like you said, styles make fights, and if Condits style was tough for Diaz to handle, then i have to assume Diaz has never watched a single Anderson Silva fight if hes calling him out like this.


Honestly thats probably his "best" bet, but i still cant ever see this happening. Anderson is too strong and long compared to Diaz to get taken down against the fence by him, and i really dont think Diaz could hold him down.

I would not be surprised if Diaz tried to take him down and got put there himself.


Diaz is fine on his back though



"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth."


Title reads diaz calls out anders when your browsing the forum.... Diaz like sup Breivik ok, I ain't no child, dont be scared blonde homie come fight me bro