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Nick and Jessica; BAM!


Hey, guys!

Say what you want about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey...

They just did a duet of "America" to open the Redskin's Game...and knocked it out of the park, baby!




I actually like them.
It took me a while to get over my shallowness about Nick being in that boy band, but he seems to be a pretty cool guy.

I think Jessica's smarter than she lets on, and truely understands how to give her audience what they want. Even enough so where Britney Spears seems to be copying them with her 'reality' show (which is a big flop compared to Nick and Jessica's IMO).


I think Jessica is smarter than she lets others know.

But, I also do think Britney Spears is even dumber than she lets others know.

Nick is an asshole, he's like every typical guy. That's why he's a cool guy.

I recall one of the episodes

Jessica: Honey are you happy? You seem sad today.
Nick: Of course I'm happy, I'm the luckiest guy in the world! I get to fuck Jessica Simpson!


I like them too. Nick's performances on Game Day leave something to be desired. But he seems like a good guy. And Jessica's awesome. Smokin and seems very nice. I doubt she's a genius, but she's certainly not as dumb as she acts. She's pretty smart to act that dumb. It's brought her a lot of money. I'm also not surprised that Britney and Kevin's show failed. If I want to watch white trash, I'd rather tune into Cops, America's Most Wanted, or Dog the Bounty Hunter. Britney also looks like a pile of dog meat these days compared to Jessica. Or most women.


I fail to see the asshole-ness.


I don't see why everyone thinks it's so hard to believe that Jessica is dumb. The world is literally chock full of stupid people; just because she makes money at it does not lead me to believe she couldn't be stupid. Just look at her sister, one of the dimmest bulbs to ever get the spotlight.


Screw you, man! She's a musical genius! And she has an IQ of 253, which is higher than probably anyone who posted on this thread!


I think that we've debated this on this site before...

Jessica is a VERY astute buisness woman...and has good buisness people around her...



Her stupid sister who has sold how many millions of albums now? And has made how much money? Look it up; I am willing to bet that both of these "stupid girls" could buy everything you own in a single check and not even have to touch their investments.


How fucking astute do you have to be to realize that big tits and a tight ass will make you a star?


This is great news! It just goes to show one can achieve financial success in life even if not a genius.


There are a LOT of women out there with Big Tits and tight asses...who are poor as Hell...



Just thinking the exact same thing.


I'm sure they'll marry well.


Because as we all know, pornstars all marry well.


Or, they make at least 1K per night dancing.

Anyway, this is a pointless line of argument. We cannot establish the causality of Jessica Simpson's success through appearances, or by conjectures about probability of success given various initial conditions.

Certainly, this is a multifaceted issue; at least the points of managerial control (how much has her father influenced her career, for example), luck, and other environmental factors are equally open for investigation when trying to discern the origin of her success. Regardless, this is a historical problem, and not a scientific one.

Attempting to inductively argue about success from isolated cases is not only naive, it's strictly irrelevant to the truth of this particular case. If anyone wants to take the issue up seriously, I suggest perusing all the biographical materials available on Jessica Simpson, as well as all primary and secondary evidence available... of which there is much.

Plus: Boobies.


Well said


Somewhere down the line, IQ (or BQ - Business Quotient) is needed to keep the myth alive. If that were not the case, America would be full of stars. It`s not like big tits and tight asses are a rarity in a land of 200+ million people. My guess is that JS is like Adam Sandler: deliberately dumb, and smart enough to make millions out of it.




Maybe you we should look at how smart her father is...I think Jessica is much smarter than she portrays, but the Newly Weds was her father's brainchild