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Nicholas Berg

This is the unedited version of the Nicholas Berg video. Its extremely graphic and watch at your own risk.

There’s a better copy at bangedup dot com.


I can’t help but notice the 11 hour time lapse from the time the cowards read their statement to the time they performed that cowardly act.

I’m sure he suffered much more than was shown in the video.

Or have some decency and not watch it…

these pieces of human garbage are going straight to hell

my belief is that no one should watch it, because that’s the exact reason its there. my 2 cents…

Actually, I’d like all the folks in the other Nick Berg thread who said that he deserved (or should have expected) it because he “was in Iraq” to go ahead and watch it…maybe then they’ll see how sick they’re comments are!

Its like this…

We’ve got a bunch of Chinese running around our streets because China has this idea about communism that’s just great and they think we should adopt it for the good of everyone.

I’m cutting a Chinaman’s head off for that.

If you watch it clearly you are going to be angry. You only get what you give. If you want to be pissed off and shocked about this, go ahead and watch it. This guy didn’t deserve it but he put himself in a situation where something bad is going to happen. The guy’s own father places the blame correctly. We have no business in Iraq; never did, never will.

Lucid speaks:

By that logic, we should never go anywhere, do anything, say anything or in any way ever try to change anything…because “something bad is going to happen.” Or, maybe…just maybe…people should be free to say and do things without having to worry about having their head cut off. Nah…it’s much easier to blame our Foreign Policy. It’s not like the terorists ever had a choice. We made them do it, right?

Should concerned Americans start slaughtering Arabs in America everytime we don’t like the foreign policy actions of Arab countries? (after all, they never had any business supporting the terrorists who kill US citizens, or holding us hostage to their oil). Maybe we should kill some Frenchman because of their government’s behavior. They never had the right to violate the UN charter and help Iraq skirt the embargo, thus causing this whole damn war in the first place.

hand the victory to those who are willing to be more barbaric than the other side, right?

And for the last time, Nick Berg DID NOT put himself in a situation where something bad was bound to happen. That’s IGNORANT to even think. Do you have any idea how many non-Iraqis have traveled to, worked in, and safely left that country since the end of the major battles? It’s just not reasonable to say that people who go there are asking for something bad to happen. Has it ever occured to you that they might be asking for something good to happen?

What’s really going on is that you’re trying to justify your position on Iraq by saying: “see, I told you so, so let’s leave now so no more of this happens.” That’s playing right into the hands of terrorists, as the above sarcastic commentary illustrates. If you want to debate Iraq, cool. But, there are better ways of doing it, IMHO!

For arguments sake the Mr. Berg was a Jewish-American in Iraq during a war between America and a country that hates Jews and America.

So, from what I gather Iraq is now the preferred tourist destination for citizens of western countries?

Shit, why am I always the last to know…

I bet the parties are great! Maybe I’ll visit a prison and beat some detainees while I’m there… work out my frustrations with the world order.

Nobody said “deserve”… but it is certainly a known risk. Relax and stop reading in so much more than is actually there.

I’m not sure why I watched this movie, I assumed I was jaded and cold-hearted enough by years of Rambo movies that it wouldn’t even phaze me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I would recommend that noone watch this, its really amazing, religion or not, that humans could do this to another human being. The sickest part is the pleasure they take in the act, the joy in their voices, the way they hold up the head, I would be willing to bet if you asked a devout Muslim if this was their religion, they would rightfully kick you in the knutz. This isn’t religion.

As far as whether or not he deserved it, or was even asking for it by being there. I say unless you’re over there as a soldier or for some charitable cause, you don’t belong. From what I understand this guy was there for his own financial purposes. Sure I think he has the right to be there, but it’s not the brightest thing. Of course he didn’t deserve it, but if one of my friends was going over there to do some freelance roofing, I’d probably show him this vid.

[quote]Its like this…

We’ve got a bunch of Chinese running around our streets because China has this idea about communism that’s just great and they think we should adopt it for the good of everyone.

I’m cutting a Chinaman’s head off for that. [/quote]

This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve read. I’m a former Marine, and it is known that you have no idea what you will do or how you will react when the shit goes down till it does.

To say so nonchalantly, I’d cut his head off is beyond stupid. If you could take another man, bind him, beat him for hours, then while he is still tied and screaming cut his fucking head off, There is something fucking wrong with your thought processes.

To do something grisly and barbaric during combat is one thing, this was not combat.

I don’t think you’d really do something like that, but you should really think something through before you say it.

Whatever, I’m done with this.

Beheadings have been around for a long time. The Al-qeda dogs didn’t invent it. It is a quite effective use of a single death. Propably won’t work against the US more likely it will be similar to hitting a hornets nest with a broomstick. It could though. They already changed the foreign policy of spain.

Little Jay
Curious, do you believe that throught the history of the USA every world policy we have ever enacted was without fault. Do you think that every person throughout the world should love America and fall to their knees in awe, admiriation, and servitude, to us?

I am not being anti-American, I love tnis country, I just think it is unrealistic to think everybody is going to like us. Let me ask you this, if the Iraqi insurgents never come around and American soldiers keep dying one to five a day how long do we let that continue?

When do we put in enough troop strength to get the job done or bring in the UN? These Iraqi fanatics are similar to the Viet Cong and NVA in the respect that they believe 200% percent in what they are doing and have nothing, but time in which to do it.

One last thing, I think many of the people that are, so strongly supportive of this war are not the ones with their asses on the line. I wonder if they were getting shot at on a day to day basis they would be, so quick to praise this war!

The point isn’t that I would go around beheading people, the point is that you would see the same things happen here if this country was invaded and occupied. There are extremists everywhere and they all do the same things. An individual cannot expect to go to Iraq right now alone and feel safe. It was reckless. The terrorists didn’t need to kill him and gained nothing from it other than to further the violence and provide an example for their own kind. We aren’t terribly popular in that part of the world right now, or ever. I feel for the guy and his family but he made his choice and he had to know the risks were extreme. Its sad that apparently he had decided to leave the country at the end there and that is when he was abducted and killed. The whole thing is sad. I’m not sure what will come of Iraq but its unlikely to be good.

matt: No I’m not going to literally do something like that. I’m not an extremist. Its just something that you would see anywhere under the same circumstances anywhere in the world. There doesn’t seem to be any solution by violence unless its total; how is it ever total?


I am wondering what part of the world you are from? Not trying to argue with you, just curious, if you don’t mind.

A part of me died watching this.

No words can describe this horror.

Zeb, No sweat man. I’m from Canada, but I’ve lived and worked in both Canada and the US. I’ve never been to any troubled nation though I have traveled for business quite a bit.

I’m not sure it comes across all the time, but I’m pretty fervently pro-US even if I have issues with some current policies or attitudes.

Sometimes people have trouble seperating the idea of thinking for oneself on policy issues and maintaining the ability to be supportive in general.

Whoever is in charge gets criticized, that’s just the way it works. It’s what free speech is for… so we can point out and address faults of our leaders without retribution.


Thanks, Very well said!