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Nice Watches Bigger Face


OK so allot of people on the site seem to have issues finding clothes that fit. I have an issue with watches. I find especially lately that I need a bigger watch. Not the band but the actual face and time piece part. I have been told a few times lately that I make the watch look tiny. I have a normal size watch (TAG I bought for myself when I graduated college) but I am a large guy. 6'4" 320lbs. pretty big joints. Powerlifting and not fat... well not too fat. ~40" waist pants loose waist tight legs. just for an idea of size.

So I ask you. does anyone know of some nice watches that are professional. As in not "hip-hop" as they describe on a few sites. something not flashy or anything just have a larger face so it doesn't look small.

Thanks if anyone has any ideas



Not really sure what exactly you re looking for (Style, Price range)... I just googled big face watches and a ton of sites came up...Some of these watches are a bit eccentric for my tastes though.


It will depend on what kind of watch you want, and the money you want to spend. I have my eye on a few and am debating my options, just remember to do your homework, some places have some nice deals.


Yeah the eccentric ones are not what I'm looking for. Trying to do the more understated thing than the over the top shit. I want some more business casual than gangster top.


Guess I'm looking for a watch that is just a larger version of a normal watch. not different just bigger.


Have you looked at Casio's G-Shock watches? They almost all have large faces. Plus they are built to be robust, so they usually have a lot of meat on them.


I have two. One I use when swimming or running. The other I use when needing to get dressed up for a date or work. As a bonus almost all the watches are atomic/solar. The time automatically calibrates at night and day light savings time can be programmed adjust automatically. In five years I have never changed a battery or set the time on either one.


Not to sound like a dick, but you really wear a Casio watch when you get dressed up for a date?


I wear a Panerai and an Omega Planet Ocean and I have a big Invicta for fun. The Panerai and Omega are pretty high end but deff worth it due to their unique qualityies and just the right big size - 45mm. The Invicta is a cheap watch,but fun to have in the stable. They are all really comfortable on me 6'6" 270 and i think I have 7.5in wrists. Check them out.


Sucks it's so expensive but worth it IMO.



i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the dates i've gone out on while wearing my gshock are as hot if not hotter than whatever the hell you're doing over there with whatever kind of watch you have.

not to mention, i've never had a girl go 'oh holymac, u're so funny/charming/sexy and i want to bang you right now it's just.....well....you're wearing a g.shock...on a nice date!'

jesus, someone's been reading a tad to much men's health....


I agree with what you are saying, but wait til you get a little older. Shit like your shoes are viewed more importantly than something you just put on your feet. You might think it keeps you from going barefoot, but women can think it reflects on your personality, sense of style, and even stupid shit like how you are in bed. I am not saying that women are going to say something like, "Oh HolyMac, you are so sexy with those Ferragamos on, I want you so bad." Remember that women over-think shit about 99% of the time.


Looks like a Movado, am I right?


movados are so nice, but since i can't justify spending that much on a watch i rarely wear i went with skagen instead. similar style but much cheaper.



This is actually the exact watch I bought, but I'm in the business world so I get to wear it everyday. I've gotten more than a few comments so I'd like to think it has helped my image (which is pretty damn important in the business world). I agree though, if you're not going to wear it enough to justify the purchase, go with something not quite so expensive.


hey now, i never said im against having nice shit.

i guess the way it was phrased was a bit rediculous IMO.

that being said, my pops has an omega watch that i think is pretty baller.


i'm a professional myself, but we have a fairly lax dress code so i don't bother with accessories and what not. this is the skagen i bought.


Check out a fossil store in a mall, some of the new watch styles are VERY large (looked really silly on me as I am shorter) they have thicker bands and very large faces....


dickies wrist watches at wally world, $20-30, look pretty nice in my opinion. Don't know if they carry them were you are, here's example of one:

Mega butch Dickies watch


Just to be honest, I wouldn't call that a similar style at all!


I like Diesel watches for something more kickback.