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Nice to Chat and Not Just Read. Today was a Tough Relationship Day, and an Off Day

Had a rough day don’t need to vent cuz we’ve all got our problems, but sometimes off days come at a bad time…ya know. Anyways, thank you all for inspiring posts, funny ones, etc. I’m trying to find myself since I’ve been sleepwalking through life. However, my health is number 1, and am in process of getting rid of some toxicity in my life. It’s unfucking belevble looking at how I was 3 months ago, 6 months ago etc. I’ve been growing so fast and letting shit not bother me. Ive also been observing people and seeing traits I like and don’t and to better myself. But I’m posting because for the first time, when stressed, I don’t want to do a Hiit but pump iron…heck even deadlifts which “I used” to not like until I got an ass…so they are so in my routine. Anyways, I know this is a bunch of babble, but I wanted to say thank you. Please I don’t need validation, but I needed to get off chest since I can’t bench it off.

Happy lifting,


Just keep making the gym your refuge and it will be good. Best place to be when you’re having a shitty day. Nothing make problems seem smaller than being under the bar. (Olympic bar that is! LOL)

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Have you ever been to olympics? The Paraolympics are a blast but you get fed like crap and don’t get to leave to see sites. Kinda crappy.

Olympians don’t get to leave the olympic village either but I haven’t heard about the shit diet. I think it the rio games, there was like 100 condoms per athlete tho


And 1,000 to moms from proctor and gamble at para

Condoms are currency in the village? Is there really that much loving going on?

When they had the PVA paralympics in Pittsburgh I volunteered on a fishing outing for them. It was a good time. Got to meet some really good people.

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Invictus games kick ass, too. Know some gals that got kisses from prince harry lol