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Nice Soundtrack!

Now…if you’re one of those “I’ll-drink-your-blood-while -Satan-screws-your-sister” music lovers, this post AIN’T for you!

I just bought the “What Women Want” (Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt) soundtrack. SWEET! (A lot of Sinatra, Sammy, Temps, Nancy Wilson, et. al), mixed with the new (Merideth Brooks “Bitch”). I’m not big on movie soundtracks, but this one I’d recommend highly! (It’s GREAT for a dinner date!)

Have you guys heard it? Any other soundtracks you’d recommend?

Heavy Metal (hoping I beat Patricia to the punch) and Conan the Barbarian are both great soundtracks.

Arrggghhh, Demo :wink: But I will add: Dracula 2000, The Crow, The Craft, The Matrix - uh, mind is a whirling now. Will come with some more.

I prefer to listen to soundtracks when I'm in artist mode - just a personal preference!

Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, Immortal Beloved.

How about the ones from The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou & Spawn? I’ve always liked those ones.

Resevoir Dogs

O Brother Where Art Thou, Lost Boys (recently unearthed at my house, great 80’s big hair stuff) Braveheart, Full Monty

You are right, this post is not for me. >:-) The Blade?

Judgement Night

Good Will Hunting, Dead Presidents, Buffalo 66 and Boogie Nights are all really good soundtracks no matter what kind of music you like. And I like that I’LL-DRINK-YOUR-BLOOD-WHILE -SATAN-SCREWS-YOUR-SISTER music also.

I enjoy the “JFK”, “Glory”, and “The Mission” soundtracks.

Damn, Patricia, you come just from listening to music?!? That ko is luckier than I thought . . . :wink:

Char, yeah right.

Demo, what about "Highlander" soundtrack, your slacking buddy.

I bought the Michelle Branch cd today I like her music and her. I feel like a fag listening to it but hey. I usually listen to stuff like Tool. Anything that makes me want to beat the shit out of somebody…well pump me up. You know what I mean. Yeah I know it’s not a sound track but… :slight_smile:

Patrica and Demo Dick… you two should check out the Strangeland soundtrack. By far the best soundtrack I’ve ever listened to. All the music on it was chosen by Dee Snider.

Best laugh I’ve had in a while! Funny, man, funny!

Batman the animated movie soundtrack ( I could do without Tia Carrera(sp) singing) and Lord of the Rings.

Well, I was gonna go back and post a "I meant to say ‘come back’ ", but then I thought, why not see if any of these “hip to the thread” T-Peoples catch it. You’re the only one…:wink:

Picked up the soundtrack yesterday based on your recommendation, and you’re right: it’s great. Thanks for the tip!

I recomend the Undeground (by Emir kusturica) soundtrack. That is one of the most beautifull soundtracks i heard ever, it has this Bulgarian women choir song that sends shivers up your spine. A lot of high energy too.