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Nice Simple Routine I'm Doing this Fall....

I figured most of us on this forum are pressed for time and have kids, so I kept up with a simple routine I like that I will follow through to the holidays.

Main advantages: very flexible, good for strengh, cardio, and GREAT for sports if you still play softball, football, etc.

4 Day Split / 1 Day Off

Day 1: Heavy chest, heavy Deadlifts, and pull-ups. Pull-ups can be weighted if you desire. This is your power day, concentrate on heavy weights.

Day 2: mountain biking for me, but you can make it your “recreational” cardio day. Basketball, running, etc. I find I can still do cardio even after a heavy deadlift day, but not after a heavy squat day.

Day 3: Sprints. I run sprints up at my local soccer field. 5 50’s, 5 100’s, 5 300’s. Takes less than 25 minutes. Very effective.

Day 4: 300 workout. I time it every time. You can google it or look it up on this site if you’re not familiar with it. Very effective for sports.

That’s it! Very flexible, you can switch the days around if need be.


Looks like fun…

It looks intense-I like the interval training.